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Understanding Wind Mitigation

Since 2007, Florida has made drastic changes in the Insurance and Building Industries. One of the hottest topics has been property insurance premiums, discounts given to homeowners and the documentation of work completed on a home.

Initially inspections were done for free with a grant through the My Safe Florida Home division until it expired in 2009 due to a lack of funding. These inspections were completed on the old two page forms that were phased out in June 2010 for the current four page form (OIR-B1-1802)

According to the St. Petersburg Times a recent committee charged with evaluation Florida’s wind mitigation discounts said the program has been poorly implemented causing fraud and losses to the state insurance market. And according to the Florida Association of Insurance Agents re-inspections by insurers have revealed an error rate as high as 80 percent on initial inspections.

This has caused insurers to re-inspect old forms and to only accept forms by authorized persons licensed by Florida State Statue 627.711. This statue indicates an insurer shall accept a valid uniform mitigation verification form signed by the following authorized mitigation inspector:

A Florida Licensed Home Inspector, Building Code Inspector, Professional Engineer or Architect, Division 1 Contractor (General, Building or Residential) or other entity they recognize such as one of their employees.

In essence a Roofing Contractor (Division 2 contractor) completing a roof CANNOT certify their work completed or complete a wind mitigation form. We believe the bigger issue is that during the re-roof completion documentation in a certain manner is important to receive credits on the secondary water resistance, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, roof geometry and gable end bracing if any. This form requires at least one photo documenting the existence of each visible and accessible construction or mitigation attribute. One example is the secondary water resistance. If it is not properly documented by photo before the application of shingles, tile or metal you will lose this specific discount!

Alfrey Roofing, Inc. completes these forms as Florida Certified Home Inspectors (Florida licenses #HI567 and HI718). Being the only local company whose owners are licensed in the Roofing, Home Inspection and Insurance fields we understand how and when to properly document to ensure you receive any eligible home insurance discounts.

How much will you save with a wind mitigation form. Each insurer gives different percentages to the

Hurricaneportion of your premium so it may differ. Also since these forms are valid for up to 5 years the savings can be

quite substantial. As one recent customer, Susan D. indicated to us: “I just got a new insurance statement after I

sent your new wind form and my insurance premium went down over 900 dollars a year, THANK YOU. ”.

Since these forms are valid up to 5 years her overall savings could be around $5,000 during the 5 year period.

How much do these inspection forms cost. They can be a couple hundred dollars. Alfrey Roofing, Inc. completes them for free to our customers and reiterate the importance in documenting the discounts correctly and timely. The below example is Roof to Wall attachments, one of the larger insurance discounts. Many attics are difficult to maneuver in and with insulation your straps or wraps may not be even visible. The best time to document is during the re-roofing process. In our inspections we provide a completed wind mitigation verification form, printed color photos and the photos on a CD for your storage FREE!

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