Roof Ventillation Sub Floor Ventillation SolarVent Solar Ventilation Systems Solar Roof Ventilators

Roof Ventillation Sub Floor Ventillation SolarVent Solar Ventilation Systems Solar Roof Ventilators

*When installing roof top or sub floor ventillation in fire prone areas of Australia, please purchase a Spark Guard as all building regulations for these areas now require a guard to be in place to stop embers from enerting your roof or sub floor cavity.

Our revolutionary mains or solar powered ventilation system draws clean, fresh air through your home creating a gentle, cooling breeze that lowers summer roof cavity temperatures up to 20C and living spaces by up to 6C. The steady flow of fresh air cuts the demand from air conditioning, reduces humidity and condensation, and expels dusty air and odours caused by cooking, animals and general living. You can also add our range of poly eave vents to increase the amount of cool air coming into your home!

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Greater comfort, less energy

Our ventilation systems keep your home cooler, cleaner and healthier year round.

  • Reduce roof space temperature by up to 20C and internal temperature by up to 6C
  • Helps reduce condensation, humidity and mould
  • Minimises air conditioning usage
  • Eliminates household odours
  • Increased flow of clean, fresh air

Mains or Solar powered, whisper quiet and ultra efficient

At the heart of our Vent system is a powerful Australian made, eco efficient mains or solar powered fan that is mounted to the outside of your roof. Depending on the model you choose your system can work during the day from the power of the sun or 24/7 with its inverter sensor system telling it when to come on and off making sure you are, drawing in fresh air when you need it, and keeping the warm air in during those chilly winter days.

Ventilation is the most economical, effective and environmentally responsible way to create a cooler, more comfortable and energy efficient home.


The Maestro is a low profile 300mm roof mounted, thermostatically controlled powered roof top ventilator.

It has been designed for the harsh Australian environment to withstand extreme temperatures and wind loads.

The Maestro has been designed to exhaust heat from the roof cavity of your home, therby increasing your comfort level by reducing the overall heat in your home.

The Maestro runs on a 12V DC power system that can be directly connected to a solar panel if required.


Removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer

Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter

When used with Whirly Mate ventilates living areas

Features and Benefits

Australian Owned & Made — Low consumption of power (11 watts) — Reliable operation regardless of wind speed

Quiet operation (63 dBA @ 1m) — Malleable base fits most roof types up to 45 — Solar powered model available

One Maestro is equivalent to 2-3 wind driven ventilators (when tested to AS4740)


The AiroMatic costs less than $10 a year to run! What a cheap and efficient way to help cool your home.

The AiroMatic is the latest technology in powered roof top ventilator, developed to meet the cooling and drying needs of residential homes.

It is a dual purpose ventilator, which can be used to cool a roof space on hot days via its new temperature sensing inverter speed control technology, or it can be set for constant ventilation rates to help reduce condensation build up in the roof space.

The AiroMatic is the first of Edmonds range of ventilators developed using advanced CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software. It has allowed its developers to produce a ventilator with a higher flow rate and efficiency than other ventilators while reducing its overall noise level and physical size. The innovative German motor that powers the AiroMatic, incorporates new blade tip winglet technology, and electronic commutating motor technology to further improve efficiency and reduce noise.

The unique Edmonds design speed controller allows the selection of three fixed speeds of low, medium and high. This allows just the right amount of flow to be set to suit the severity of the conditions.

Roof Ventillation Sub Floor Ventillation SolarVent Solar Ventilation Systems Solar Roof Ventilators


Removal of heat trapped in the roof cavity of a home in summer

Removal of moisture trapped in the roof cavity of a home in winter.

Features and Benefits

Effective ventilation in all climates

Low running costs

High flow rates up to 650 m3/h (high speed setting)

Quiet operation

Adds light to attics

Sleek design compliments all roof types

Manufactured from tough, injection moulded UV stable polymers, designed for Australias harsh conditions

24VDC high efficiency electronic commutating German motor Operating noise levels as low as 33dB(A) (low speed setting)

Malleable flashing will to suit all roof types.


Throat diameter: 250mm

Motor: 30W, 24VDC

Line voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Colours: Night Sky, Woodland Grey, Headland and Surfmist

Warranty 5 Year

Radiant heat and moisture build up are a roof cavity’s worst enemy, working together to cause a variety of problems in your home. In many cases, passive ventilation is simply inadequate in controlling these elements, resulting in high electricity bills and accelerated deterioration of building material over time. The answer to this problem is adequate ventilation. By increasing airflow through the roof cavity, more heat is actively removed, thus lowering roof cavity temperature.

Minimizing roof temperatures will increase the overall efficiency of your roof insulation and reduce the amount of heat transferred into your home. The result is a more comfortable home which requires less energy to cool.

Other Roof Vent Ventilation Applications

SolarGreens ventilation products are available for a variety of applications. The proper sizing of your ventilation solution for your intended application is extremely important. Based on the fundamental laws of heat transfer, the more times an air volume can be exchanged with that of outside air, the closer the temperature of the air volume will approach that of the outside ambient air temperature. Applied to either roof cavity or building ventilation, this simply means that more air volume exchanges produces better results.

When sized properly our ventilation products will produce the required amount of airflow needed to keep your roof cavity, warehouse, shed, workshop, or entire home cool and properly ventilated.

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