Trade Conservatories 2 U Climate control for your new conservatory

Trade Conservatories 2 U Climate control for your new conservatory

As a leading UK supplier of high specification DIY conservatories to the self build market we are specialists in providing an affordable Do It Yourself conservatory solution that will add value to your home and increase your living space all year round. Our genuine trade prices will provide you with considerable savings on typical installed retail prices by eliminating the installation company’s profit margin when you install yourself.

Retaining your valuable heat during the winter is covered on our Insulation Values page but it is just as important to consider how you will control the temperature during the summer months.

Adding a new conservatory to your home will certainly increase your living space but you will need to consider carefully how you will control the climate inside, especially during those long hot summer days when the wrong specifications could turn your new living space into a sauna making it uncomfortable to use.

There are several factors that will have an impact on individual requirements and these need to be reviewed at the design stage to ensure that you will be able to comfortably use the conservatory all year round.

North, South, East or West?

A south facing conservatory will endure long hours of direct sunlight during the summer months and requires careful thought when it comes to deciding on the type of roof glazing. The temperature inside could easily reach unbearable levels if no protection from the sun is specified. For polycarbonate roofs we would always recommend Heatguard or if you are considering a glass roof, our STAYCOOL conservatory glazing or Activ Blue solar control glass are the best options. These are covered in more detail below.

North facing conservatories will not receive much direct sunlight and clear glass or polycarbonate glazing can usually be selected with confidence. Conservatories facing east, west and particularly south will endure long hot summer days of direct heat from the sun and will become unbearably hot without careful consideration for the specification of the glazing. Our new STAYCOOL conservatory roof glazing provides the ultimate protection from direct sunlight reducing glare by 68% and reflects 78% of the sun’s heat away from the roof and at the same time provides 94% protection against UV light.

Improve the air-flow

EAVESFLOW TM Trickle Ventilation

Our PREMIER conservatory range feature Ultraframe conservatory roofs that have patented built-in trickle ventilators fitted into the eaves beam offering controllable secure air flow to the roof space all year round. Upgrade to the Classic Plus roof and increased trickle ventilation is provided to each roof segment.

Optional additional window vents

We provide four opening vents as standard but you can add extra openers to suit your budget. Adding more openers obviously improves ventilation but can also provide equal sightlines especially when all opening vents is specified. Each opener has a lockable night ventilation position and trickle ventilators can also be specified if required.

Trade Conservatories 2 U Climate control for your new conservatory


With the huge increased demand for glass roof conservatories we offer several high specification solar control glass options specifically designed to reduce glare and reflect solar heat whilst at the same time providing enhanced thermal insulation.

STAYCOOL Solar Control Self Cleaning Glass

Our standard solar control glass roof specification for our PREMIER conservatory range is a product we call STAYCOOL which provides 78% shading against direct heat from the sun whilst the subtle green tint reduces glare by 68%. STAYCOOL roof glass is proven to reduce the temperature inside the conservatory by 20 o F when compared to Pilkington K and Anti-sun glass and offers up to 94% improved protection against UV light protecting your furnishings against fading.

STAYCOOL is supplied with a self clean coating and provides an energy efficient 1.0 U-value making it the ultimate choice for conservatory roof glass designed specifically to help maintain a comfortable climate inside your new living space throughout the year.

In addition to our flagship STAYCOOL roof glass we also offer other self cleaning solar control glass roof options as shown below.

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