What Are The Benefits Of Torchdown Roofing

What Are The Benefits Of Torchdown Roofing

By: Steven Briesemeister

What is torchdown roofing?

Torchdown roofing is sometimes also referred to as rubberized asphalt and is the most common type of roofing to be used on flat roofs. The asphalt is melted onto the roof using a torch creating an impermeable roof that has an average life of between 15 and 20 years. It is ideal for flat roofs because of the protection it offers from rainwater that might collect on the surface. The cost is only slightly more than the traditional tar and gravel that is frequently used to cover flat roofs but torchdown roofing gives slightly better results. For an extra $1000 it is worth the extra, but there have been reports of several house fires being started because of the torches used in the process of installing the roof.

None of the noxious fumes associated with tar roofs.

Anyone who has had a tar roof installed on their house or anywhere near their house will understand comments regarding the hideous fumes that are emitted during the process. Many people even find it necessary to move out because of this smell often adding extra expense to the cost of fitting a new roof, however, with torchdown roofing this isnt a problem.

What is torchdown roofing made of?

Torchdown roofing is modified bitumen combined with high quality resins. This combination ensures that you roof is completely impermeable to rainwater and is also resistant to otherwise damaging UV rays. It wont melt and it wont gather large puddles of rainwater so it is already weatherproof to a good extent. Torchdown roofing is extremely durable, the combination of asphalt and resin means that it is resistant to punctures and other abrasive damage. The strength and resistance of torchdown roofing means that it not only has a life of up to 20 years, but that that life will be virtually free from repairs except in the most extreme circumstances.

Coating your torchdown roofing.

For extra protection you can let your torchdown roofing settle for between a month and two months before coating it with an extra coating that will make it even more fire resistant and increases the protection from heat by further reflecting the suns rays.

Other uses for modified bitumen.

This durable, hardwearing combination of asphalt and rubber resin isnt only designed for use as torchdown roofing either and is used to great effect on basements, verandas, foundations and garages. If you have a need for a weather resistant, flexible but very strong covering then torchdown roofing is the solution you have been looking for.

What Are The Benefits Of Torchdown Roofing

The cost of torchdown roofing.

The overall cost of torchdown roofing will ultimately depend on the roofing contractor you use to complete the work and the price of the actual components; however, it is only slightly more expensive than traditional asphalt roofing. In exchange for the small amount of money extra you receive roofing that is more resistant to weather and less likely to become damaged. This means that over its life it will cost you less in roof repairs ; it really does work out cheaper in the long run to have torchdown roofing over asphalt roofing.

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