Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Rolled Roofing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Rolled Roofing

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Rolled Roofing

There’re different types of roofing available in the market. All of them are different and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s extremely important to consider the kind of the roof while looking for an appropriate type of roofing for it. However, if you’re searching for a roofing material that would be rather easy and fast to install then you should pay attention to rolled roofing.

It’s true to say that installing rolled roofing is one of the easiest way of roofing your house. However, it would be wrong to think that this material is 100% efficient and suitable for any sort of a roof. In reality, rolled roofing has its disadvantages as well, just like anything in the world. However, it’s important to emphasize that this type of roofing is specially designed to meet definite needs and interests, so it won’t be perfect for any situation.

However, before discussing advantages and disadvantages of rolled roofing it’s important to speak about its application, the nature of this material, the way of installation. Our further discussion is going to be of great help for you to better understand whether this roofing type is suitable for your purposes.

The Notion Of Rolled Roofing

The traditional way to roof a house is doing it with the help of individual composite or asphalt shingles. In fact, rolled roofing is the same material but it’s somewhat thinner and should be installed in rather long strips.

There are a few main types of roll roofing which are used to supply other roofing materials. One of these materials is saturated felt that is imbued with asphalt. This material usually serves as underlayment. Another type of roofing material that is worth our attention is the one named mineral-surfaced roll roof.

Size and Price of Roofing Roll

A roofing roll is usually "square" (100 sq. ft.) and its size is approximately 36 feet long by 36 inches wide. Thus, taking into account its quantity, it’s necessary to say that a roofing roll is conformable with a combined shingle "square."

Speaking about black roll roofing, it can be mentioned that it costs minimum $35-$40 per square (100 sq. ft.).

Applications of Roofing Roll

Generally speaking, rolled roof is the most suitable for the roofs with a slight slope. In this way, if the roof of your house has up to two inches vertically per twelve feet horizontally, you can use roll roofing for it.

Besides, rolled roofing can be applied for the roofs which should not be necessarily extremely attractive, as the look of this material is rather simple. The examples of the buildings which can use rolled roofing include worksheds, out-buildings, garages, etc. This type of material is the most suitable for low-slope roofs due to the reason that it is less visible on such a roof due to the angle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolled Roofing

As it was earlier mentioned, rolled roofing has certain advantages and as well as disadvantages. Let’s discuss the first characteristics of this material at first.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Installing Rolled Roofing

So, rolled roofing can be rightfully called the cheapest roofing material even if you remember inexpensive composite shingles. It’s simply the best, and very often the only way of protecting your slightly sloped roofs.

It’s important to mention that this material is very easily and quickly applied. And although it’s sold at a reasonable and affordable price still it offers excellent protection from snow, rain, hail and strong wind.

It’s also necessary to mention some disadvantages of rolled roofing that will be very important for every person who is looking for the most appropriate type of roofing for his or her house.

So, the first disadvantage sounds as the lack of color variety.

Secondly, this material has always been considered the least beautiful material, even in comparison with shingles and other roofing types.

Another disadvantage of rolled roofing consists in the fact that this material is not very durable — it will serve you only five-eight years. Just think about the lifespan of the foreign roofing materials which usually serve about twenty years or even more.

And the last disadvantage of rolled roofing is a low resale cost for the homeowners who use this type of material.

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