All About Roofing When to replace a roof

All About Roofing When to replace a roof

When to replace a roof?

Whether or not to go in for a roof system replacement? It’s a tough decision, both from the time as well from the budgetary point of view. You have contacted your roofer and he comes over for another round of inspection. His conclusion is still the same. He suggests that it is imperative for you to go in for a roof replacement and roof repair is not an option now as the small leaks which existed have become largest patches on the wall, and they might soon lead to structural damage to the house. You decide to go in for a second opinion.

There is a time in every house’s lifetime when it requires a roof replacement. Depending upon the initial roofing for the house, the maintenance during the life of the roof and the external weather conditions, the roof requires repairs as well as replacement. There are certain things to consider when going for a roof replacement.

  • The normal life of a roof approximately 15 years depending upon the maintenance of the roof. After this time, there are regular cases of leaks and torn flashing reported in any roof.
  • If the number of missing tiles and shingles in a house are huge, then its best to replace the roof, rather than going in for a roof repair.
  • Condition of interior walls touching the roof is a clear indication of the time required for the roof to be replaced. In case there is loss of paint, or moisture marks on the walls indicating the seepage of water then it’s time for the roof too undergo replacement.
  • Extreme weather conditions have exposed a part of the house from the top and a situation has come where patch will not help calls for a roof replacement. The major cause of accelerated roof deterioration is its exposure to repeated and prolonged snow, hail, rains and direct sunlight. In places where any one or a combination of these is found. the life of a roof is small.

The decision that needs to be made when re roofing a building is whether to replace or re-cover an existing roof system.

Re-covering: The addition of a new low slope roof membrane or system or steep-slope roof covering over the top of a major portion of an existing roof assembly.

Replacement: The removal of an existing roof system and installation of a new roof system. This is also known as tear-off and replacement.

When to Re-roof?

When maintenance and repair can no longer prevent recurrent leakage or extend useful service life consideration must be given to roof system replacement or re cover.

  • Repair expenditures become excessive.
  • Leakage becomes intolerable.
  • Damage is occurring to structural components
  • Damage is occurring to building contents.

At Rocket Roofing Corp, we have the best workmanship that have been in roofing industry for 20 years. They have knowledge and experience to guide building owners to make a best solution for their roofing project. Our crew checks your building physical attributes, drainage characteristics and insulation properties and other conditions to evaluate an existing roof system and help determine whether roof system must be replaced or it can be re covered. After an evaluation of all the observations made by our roofing professionals during roof inspection, the decision can be made based on building owner requirements and the desired service life of a new roof system.

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