Bothell Roofing, Skylights, Gutters & Compositio & Repairs

Bothell Roofing, Skylights, Gutters & Compositio & Repairs

Addicott Roofings installation process allows even flow of bitumen between the seams of this roofing, which ensures the best seal of the new roofing product.

We encourage you to have aluminum roof coating installed on all torch down roof systems to minimize expansion and contraction and extending the life of your roof.

Composition Roofs

On composition roofs, we nail all the shingles instead of stapling, like some other companies do. Brown baked enamel flashing is used for all of our valleys, chimneys, skylights, step flashing, and roof to wall. We make a consciencious effort to pull all nails that held previous roofs, setting us apart from many contractors who arent as thorough. These nails left behind can pierce back through your new roof. We make sure the roof deck is in its best possible condition before we install your new felt paper and roof. We pay all of our employees on an hourly basis, while most roofing contractors pay piecework, which creates an adverse incentive because the faster they complete tear off and installation, the more money they make. We bring at least one, often two foremen to each job to ensure that the roof deck and new installation is of high quality every time.

Torch Down Roofs

On torch down roofs, we usually prepare the roof deck by nailing a 28 lb fiberglass base sheet. We use 1” ring shank round head nails which hold very well. The head of the nail lies much flatter than the traditional square head nails although they are much more expensive. The square head nails tend to crack the torch down above them. All flashing, scuppers and vents are pre-primed with asphalt roof primer. This creates an excellent bond between torch down and the metal. We use our own method of heating the rolls of torch down. This allows an even flow and bond between the seams. We strongly recommend the installation of aluminum roof coating to protect the new roof once it is complete. This extends the warranty of the roof as well as the life of the roof. We also use granulated torch down that offers the longer warranty and comes in colors and is already protected and does not require the coating. We use the torch down to line built-in gutters and make pockets or crickets on pitched roof.

Bothell Skylight/Solar Tube Installation

We offer complete skylight installation in your existing home. We carry Crystallite brand skylights and are authorized installers for them. Our installers frame a new skylight shaft, sheetrock, tape, texture, prime and paint. This includes building a curb at the roofline and flashing into your existing roof, or new roof that we provide. We clear the unit and foam tape the seal so the unit may be removed in the future, as well as provide an air-tight seal. We can order skylights in any size, all of which are made of safety glass. There have been huge advancements in glass and frame which have become available. We can order and install skylights to fit your needs.

Bothell Gutters and Downspouts

Bothell Roofing, Skylights, Gutters & Compositio & Repairs

We install seamless aluminum gutters and equip them with matching 2 x 3 downspouts. The gutters are installed using hidden gutter hangers approximately every two feet. They are baked enamel and come in a variety of colors. Generally we slope the gutter toward the downspout for the best drainage.

We also install built-in gutters. They consist of galvanized scuppers that hook to existing two inch downspouts, or newer 2 x 3 aluminum downspouts. We then line the gutter with torch down (approximately twenty inches wide). A baked enamel cap metal is then installed to cover the outside edge.

Bothell Roofing Repairs

We offer an extensive repair service for all types of roofs. Roof types consist of composition shingle, shake, hot tar, torch down. We also offer valley, chimney, skylights, pipe flashings, roof vents, and skylight replacement. We add additional ventilation to existing roofs. Hook up bathroom fans. We check over the entire roof surface and inform you of any areas of concern. A typical service call is a minimal charge, that covers minor and/or simple roof problems. Our service call generally corrects the roof leak. If the repair is more extensive we offer a free estimate for you to determine the cost effectiveness of repairing or replacing the roof surface.

Other Addicott Roofing Services for our Bothell Customers

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