How do I go about choosing a new roof How much does a new roof cost

How do I go about choosing a new roof How much does a new roof cost

We all want to live in a beautiful home. If not for the roof a home wouldn’t be a home. For the house to be durable and protective it is crucial that it be made up of a strong roof. The roof is the only thing of the house that protects its residents from heat, rain and adverse weather.

There are various types of roofs. Depending on the quality and the type of roofing materials the cost of a roof greatly varies. New roof cost depends on what kind of material it is made up of and how intricate the design is. For intricate-design roofs difficult and expensive installation is likely. It should be kept in mind that ‘cost to roof’ and ‘new roof cost’ is not the same thing. The former is indicative of the charges you will have to pay to the roofing contractor for having the new roof installed. The contractor is most probably going to charge you by square foot, i.e. certain amount per square foot of installation. Cost to replace existing roof with a new roof demands removing the layers of old roofing. For this the contractor will charge you depending upon the layers of the old roof that needs to be removed. There might also be additional charges if you have a difficult roof, i.e. if your roof has deep eaves and high peaks.

Many a times, you might also be eligible for a free roof installation from the store where you purchase your roofing.

It is also crucial to understand that expensive isn’t necessarily the most attractive and cheap isn’t necessarily bad looking. It would be a blunder to rule that new roof prices that are way up are the best ones. So when you are up for making a selection of what type of roofing to settle for never let the price-factor drive you. Choose something that you genuinely like and feel will be most appealing for your home. It is always a wise thing to get price quotes from several stores before you settle for your selection of a house roof.

Some of the most commonly used roofs are metal roofing, tile roofing, asphalt composition shingles, wood shake roofing, slate roofing, rubber or plastic molded roofing, cement roofing, fiberglass roofing, asphalt roofing, aluminum roofing, copper roofing and bamboo roofing. Composite roofing, synthetic slate roofing and shingle roofing are also pretty popular with the mass.

Metal roofing is famous for its strength, durability and attractiveness. This roofing is preferred also because of it is energy-effective. Tile roofing are infamous for its good-looks, asphalt shingles can be most affordable and reasonable in prices. Similarly, slate roofing also have an extraordinary life expectancy and looks beautiful. Likewise, fiberglass roofing is infamous for noise control. Each and every type of roofing has its own merits plus its own flaws. After and only after you have determined your budget and understood both the merits and the flaws of the roofs, you go about making the best choice for your roofing needs. It’s better to make an informed choice by taking plenty of time to ponder over it then to regret a decision that was not properly thought over. After all, you might yourself have to pay for your mistakes and that might come in the form of ‘cost to replace’ the unwanted, existing roof pretty fast. Hence, take plenty of time and gather plenty of information prior to the installation. This should be in your best interest.

Once you have firmly made up your mind as to what roof you want to get installed you can go about two ways. Hire a contractor to get the task done or do it yourself. Hiring a contractor for the job is usually the best way to go about as roofing is a dangerous professional task and should be done with utmost precaution. However if you are low on the budget you can learn ‘how to install a new roof’ inside-out and do it yourself, but this has its own risks.

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