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Too many people underestimate the damage that one small leak can cause. Sure, it seems harmless now and a bucket is so easy to place underneath it — that solves the problem, right? Thinking like this can end you up in a lot of trouble down the road since many simple leaks develop into much larger problems. Leaks can not only harm the outside of your house (which is supposed to protect you from weather) but it can also damage the interior of your home as well.

Here is a list we have put together for you of some important safety issues to be aware of when dealing with a leaky roof. You should be aware of exactly what kind of damage you could be expecting and should also know when to call a professional for help. Read on for some facts and tips.

1. Water Can Be a Fire Hazard

As ironic as it may sound, water can be a pretty big fire hazard in homes. This is because of all the electrical wiring present in a home. Once water starts to leak into the framework of a house, it can easily touch wires located in an attic or ceilings. To be safe, you should always turn off any electricity in the area affected by the leak. This will prevent most fires from occurring and will help to avoid power shortages as well. Always have an electrician examine the area where the leak is first to make sure that there is no imminent danger that a roofing contractor may not be able to identify.

Leaks are a health problem for both your home and yourself. This is because water damage can easily slip into the woodwork, creating the perfect haven for mildew and mold.

  • 2. Leaks Aren’t Healthy

    Leaks are a health problem for both your home and yourself. This is because water damage can easily slip into the woodwork, creating the perfect haven for mildew and mold. Breathing in mold is very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. If you see dark spots or some sort of darkened stain anywhere on a ceiling, there is a high chance that the area is affected by water damage and has begun to rot. Framework can become moldy as well, weakening it and making it unsafe.

    3. Slipping and Falling

    Too many times this safety issue has been called overrated. Many people slip and fall from water damage due to underestimating it or simply not knowing about it. Senior citizens and children are especially susceptible to slipping on water which can cause many problems depending on the severity of the fall. Although it may be time-consuming, you should constantly mop up the area that is leaking (if it reaches the floor) to avoid any dangerous falls in your household.

    4. Housing Issues

    Like we mentioned previously, mold is just one issue that can weaken the framework of a household. Leaks that are left alone and untended to for long periods of time can easily work to destroy many different parts of the house such as the ceiling or other structural parts. Although severe and not as likely, a collapse ceiling is possible and if the leak goes unfixed for a long period of time and you begin to see real damage – you should get it fixed as fast as possible. Ceilings will not give much warning signs of collapse besides perhaps the dark spots we mentioned. You probably won’t see much actual deformity and although it may be a slow process, once the damage has been done it won’t be a matter of time until it completely gives out.

    Always take the proper precautions when dealing with roofing leaks seeing as they can cause everything from actual health issues to the possibility of a collapsed roof. Never underestimate a leak and don’t procrastinate in getting it fixed.

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