Replacement Conservatories and Conservatory Roofs — Lifestyle

Replacement Conservatories and Conservatory Roofs - Lifestyle

It is quite common to replace an existing conservatory roof or whole conservatory onto an existing conservatory base and wall for various reasons.  The existing roof may be of a poor quality with poor thermal properties, it may have been poorly fitted, the roof may have been damaged or sometimes the homeowner simply wishes to inject some new life into an old tiered design.  In some cases we completely remove an existing structure, break up and remove the existing base and walls and start from scratch to create a better and more useable living space.

In most cases you have our full range of products and materials to choose from so it’s a case of choosing the best replacement conservatory or conservatory roof for you.  Ask yourself what is the main reason for looking to replace the existing conservatory roof system? A member of our team would be happy to run through these options with you and discuss the pros and cons of each solution.


White, Oak, Rosewood (Light Oak or Rosewood on White), Green, Black, Cream, almost any colour you can think of


For example if you have a sun lounge design and want a roof with a little more shape to it you have the option of Edwardian or Gable fronted designs. Of course you can just replace the conservatory roof with a like-for-like style with better thermal properties and different glazing. If you have an existing Victorian design the options available to you are more limited.

Tiled Conservatory Roof or Tiled Effect Conservatory Roof

Subject to a survey of the existing conservatory side elevation structure you may even be able to swap the conservatory roof for a tiled roof or tiled effect roof.  This type of conservatory roof can be heavier than a conventional design so in the extreme cases the side elevations may need to be reviewed and replaced to carry the additional weight.  This has to be reviewed on an individual basis.

Replacement Conservatory Roof Glazing

Polycarbonate: 35mm Polycarbonate has good U Values and with the right colour such as Bronze on Opal finish it can provide excellent protection from the sun eliminating the need for conservatory roof blinds. Other polycarbonate colour finishes are clear, bronze tinted and opal.

Polycarbonate with Solar Inserts:

The same colour options are available but by including a solar insert in the each section the glazing will provide far more protection from the sun and greatly increase the thermal properties of the roof reducing heat loss for the winter months.

Replacement Conservatories and Conservatory Roofs - Lifestyle


Glass is the ultimate conservatory roof glazing and with modern advances in glazing technology you can now have a glass that keeps you warmer in winter and cooler in summer, they really do work. On the conservatory roof glazing page of our web-site you will see our best performing conservatory roof glazing Celsius Elite.  Celsius Elite reflects up to three times the solar energy than standard glass up to 78%.  Celsius Elite has a market leading U Value of 0.9 (U Values measure heat loss, the lower the U value the more heat is retained).  The glazing has an easy clean coating, Reflects up to 94% of UV rays which damage furniture and fabric and reduces glare by up to 53% compared to standard glazing.

Orangery Detailing:

Orangery roofs are a popular part of replacement conservatory roofs and complete replacement conservatories.  Orangery roofs include an internal lighting pelmet and external aluminum cornice to add more detail than a standard conservatory roof.  Made to measure and available is wide range of colours orangery roofs give home owners the chance to have something a little different in conservatory design.

Livin Roof Insulated Conservatory Roof Design

Livin Roof is the first conservatory roof system designed to combine an insulated solid roof with a range of glazing option.  Livin Roof is suitable for both new build conservatories and for conservatory roof replacement.  Livin Roof combines the best of light and modern insulation to give you a conservatory that is visually unlike any other roof in the house and living space that is usable all year round.

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