Seattle WA Roofing Contractors Addicott Roofing, Washington

Seattle WA Roofing Contractors Addicott Roofing, Washington

Project Flow

Proposal: Addicott Roofing begins their process with an initial visit to your home or business to conduct a thorough inspection of your existing structure and roof. You will then be provided with a complete and accurate proposal for all materials, supplies and labor. We capture every detail of your bid on paper so that you feel comfortable with the process and know exactly what to expect.

Planning & Scheduling: After the estimate is proposed, the agreement is signed and you’re added to our system, the materials for your project are ordered from the appropriate manufacturers. You’ll be added to the schedule and will receive weekly status updates from our team regarding your project’s start date. This can take about 10-20 days, depending on the weather. Our scheduling process helps prevent time delays and results in a job completion date that is more realistic.

Materials Arrive: Owner Rod Addicott personally notifies each client when all of the building supplies are scheduled for delivery. Materials are usually delivered to your rooftop and we will begin construction as soon as possible. On the day materials are to be delivered and work begins, we request the driveway be cleared and access granted for our trucks to get to the roof. This will also prevent debris from accidentally falling on and damaging your vehicles.

Tear-off and Roof Deck Inspection: There’s no need to worry about your home becoming a disaster area during roof construction. During tear-off, our removal team surrounds the perimeter of the worksite with protective tarps to protect your property from debris when removing the existing roofing material. About 95% of the roof that is torn off lands in our truck. We do a mass cleanup of all the old roof material and haul it away for you. We then make sure the underlying roof deck is in optimal shape for the new roof. During a thorough inspection, we check for deteriorated plywood, trusses or fascia that needs to be replaced.

In the event our team discovers pests, termites, rodents or other animals, we will notify you immediately and have resources for extermination.

Installation: The actual repair and installation of your new roof is the easiest part of our job. Because we’ve been in the business for so many years and have developed best methods for doing this job efficiently and effectively, we’ve nearly perfected it to a science.

Clean Sweep: We understand your home still needs to be livable during and especially after the roofing installation. We do our best to keep the site tidy while work is underway, and perform a clean sweep of all materials, leftovers and debris from the roofing project. We do everything possible to ensure your property is as clean and safe as it was before the roofing repair or installation began. A complete walk-through with each owner is conducted at the end of every project with a checklist to make sure the job exceeds expectations.

Payment and Warranties: Owner Rod Addicott conducts his own walk-through inspection after every project and guarantees all work. In addition to making sure you are pleased with everything, the job must be completed to our standards and specifications. If he finds anything not to his satisfaction, we’ll fix it. Once you are happy with the final project, we collect payment for the work and your warranty is issued. During the warranty period, we will repair any leaks or issues caused by defective materials or installation.

Zero Down Option: There are a lot of fly-by-night contractors in the roofing business. However, not all roofing contractors are created equal. Addicott Roofing drives this critically important point home by distinguishing ourselves with a zero-down payment option. We do this because we’d like to prove our value and accountability BEFORE asking for payment. As Rod Addicott always says, "I want our clients to feel as though they’re getting what they paid for and more. By offering a ZERO Down payment option, each customer is assured the highest quality end result and performance accountability." Contact Addicott roofing for more about their Zero Down Option.

Addicott’s customer commitment

Owner Rod Addicott built his company on a Commitment to Excellence, both in quality of his work and customer service. For more than three decades he’s built a roofing business based on integrity and backed by guaranteed workmanship. His confidence in his team and their skills is how he’s able to promise customers he will repair- at no additional cost- any leaks stemming from material defects or improper installation during the warranty timeframe. His roofs are built to last using the finest roofing materials and suppliers. That level of excellence in product and service is his guarantee to you.

Roofing Types and Services

A new roof can change the entire appearance of your house and greatly increase the value of your property. It’s also essential to be educated and know the benefits of each roof type to determine the right choice for your structure.

Addicott’s long-standing reputation for quality and service go hand-in-hand with his knowledge of types of roofing materials suitable for a home or business, and especially those able to withstand the Pacific Northwest weather. Addicott Roofing’s staff enjoys working with you to find the best style and type of roof that works within your budget and suitable for the Seattle climate.

In addition to using the best materials, Addicott has a proven installation process that has been honed throughout the years and advancement in technologies and materials available. We have roofing installation down to a science and our technicians are extensively trained and well-versed in the process.

We install with a process that enables consistent flow of bitumen between the seams of the roofing, which is essential to make sure the new roof has the best seal. We do this for every surface regardless of type of materials chosen for your project. And the material choices are varied -

Seattle WA Roofing Contractors Addicott Roofing, Washington

Torch Down Roofs

We have modified the process of torch down roof installation to provide maximum coverage and wear for the climate we have in Seattle and the surrounding region. A 28-pound fiberglass base sheet is first installed. We use ring shank round-head nails to ensure the nail head lies flat. While these nails cost a little more, it’s worth it for the hold they provide and preventing the damage that can sometimes be caused by square-head nails. All flashing, scuppers and vents are pre-primed for maximum hold with torch down and the underlying metal. We also use granulated torch down in a variety of colors — it also offers a longer warranty. Torch down is also used to line built-in gutters and make pockets or crickets on a pitched roof. We encourage you to have aluminum roof coating installed on all torch down roof systems to minimize expansion and contraction and extending the life of your roof.

Composition Roofs

While most contractors prefer to staple all the shingles, we’ve found it’s a better practice to nail them down. Then we use brown baked enamel flashing to seal everything in between. To make sure no old nails cause underlying damage to the new roof, we pull as many of them as we find. The Addicott team takes care to make sure the roof deck is solid and in prime condition to install the new felt paper and roofing materials.

Additional Roofing Features

Skylights & Solar Tubes

Sunshine is a rare commodity in Seattle. so when it does shine, why not let it fill your house’ Addicott Roofing can repair, replace and fix existing skylighs as well as install new ones. As an authorized reseller and installer of CrystaLite brand skylights, we can offer a wide variety of natural lighting options to brighten up your home or business. CrystaLite is Northwest Washington manufacturer of high quality skylights, roof glazing, sunrooms, and railing systems and is an Energy Star partner.

As with roof installation, the technicians at Addicott Roofing have a special procedure to guarantee an efficient and quality skylight installation. We cut out the shaft, place the sheetrock, tape, texture, prime and paint to match its surrounding area. This includes building a curb at the roofline and flashing into your existing roof, or your new roof. We clear the unit and foam tape the seal for future removal, as well as provide an air-tight seal. The process is seamless and you’ll never be able to tell your skylight wasn’t part of the original structure.

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