Solar roof tiles

Solar roof tiles

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If you are a homeowner and you are tired of growing electricity bills, you may want to consider installing solar roof tiles. If you plan the process in the right way, you can even receive reimbursements from the government and /or produce enough power to sell some back to your utility company. The best part is these roof tiles are made to blend with your original roofs tile and conform to local building ordinances. They also are easy to install.

Also known as solar roof shingles. these devices can last as long as 20 to 30 years. They are, in essence, roof tiles covered with a thin layer of photovoltaic (PV) coating, which is an electricity generator. These tiles can actually be connected to your local utilitys power grid. There are incentives from the government to use solar power. In one instance, homeowners have been offered $20,000 in rebates to install roof tiling to their homes, and in many cases coverage of up to 80 percent of the cost. Incentives vary by area, and you should contact your local, state and federal government to learn more.

Solar roof tiles are alternatives to bulky unattractive solar panels. They are pre-engineered devices that fit the shape of your roof and interlock with each other. They are great for blending into the style of your home and serve as an aesthetic alternative to the solar panels we are used to seeing. In some cases, not only can you save money you can actually make money by selling solar power back to your utility company. This is especially a desirable for baby boomer homeowners who are looking to retire. Not having a utility bill – and even the ability to make money by putting their roof to work – is a tempting option.

From slate and asphalt to metal and fiber cement, roof tiles come in all shapes and sizes to blend in with your existing homes roof. They mostly are in shades of dark blue and can even be fashioned to comply with local aesthetic ordinances, even historical ones. One tile produces on average of 50 to 200 watts, the equivalent of power needed to run a small window fan). However, clustering several of these together can have a major impact on your utility bill. An entire roof of tiles is expected to power your home. Homeowners are urged to maintain their connections to local utility power grids, however, because the amount of sun on a given day will directly impact how much power is generated.

However, you still will need to maintain ties to the local power company since even the sunniest climates have cloudy days, which limits how much power the tiles can actually generate. Still, the savings in power costs should be huge over a period of time. Solar roof tiles are installed like shingles, so you should be able to get any roofing contractor to install them.

Below are examples of the leading solar roofing tiles in the industry:

  • Premier Power offers seamless roof tiles that interlock and weigh about 2.5 pounds per square foot. The technology used is the same used by NASA and is sturdy and requires little maintenance. They are sold in dark blue and come with a 25-year warranty.
  • Solatron Technologies offers roof tiling that is pre-made to meet certain standards or building codes. They come with a 20-year corrosion warranty and can withstand up to 140 mph of wind.
  • Sun Power solar roof tiles are easy to install and are non-penetrating. These shingles also can withstand winds of up to 140 miles an hour.

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