The aluminum roof advantage from Permanent Roofing Systems

The aluminum roof advantage from Permanent Roofing Systems

My name is Paul Grizenko, President of Permanent Roofing Systems. I’m married and have three wonderful children. I graduated from McGill University with a degree in bio-chemistry.

“Why did I get into the aluminum roofing business?”

In 1993, my home needed a new roof. In winter, you couldn’t tell its color from the snow build-up and the resulting ice dams. Upon inspection of the attic, we could see areas where moisture had caused staining, a sure recipe for disaster. Although not very old, the asphalt shingles were not doing their job.

I interviewed many roofers and decided on the one whose knowledge was vastly superior to mine. He convinced me that his asphalt shingle roof would fix all of my roofing problems, after all he was honest, his company reliable, and they had the best warranty in the business.

It didn’t take long to find out that my new asphalt roof was worse than the old one, and the warranty had more leaks than the new roof. That honest and reliable roofing company no longer returned my calls.

I suffered with my mistake until 1996, when my father-in-law said, “Paul I have found a great investment for you, a metal roofing company that uses aluminum shingles.” My reply, “NO WAY, ROOFERS ARE CROOKS.” With great reluctance, he convinced me to go to British Columbia with him and checkout this company. My reaction when I was introduced to the four-way interlocking aluminum shingle roof that was ultra-durable, maintenance free, warranted for fifty years and virtually resistant to all mother nature could deliver was, “WOW, THIS ALUMINUM ROOF IS THE LAST ROOF A HOME WOULD EVER NEED.”

Seeing is believing, I invested, spent months learning everything I could about metal roofing, and now manufacture and sell, "The best of the metal roofing systems " to reputable metal roofing distributors, dealers and do it yourself metal roofing homeowners from coast to coast.

We have even been able to upgrade the flashing, the painting process, and have found faster and more efficient ways to install our aluminum shingles, making it more economical for the consumer. We are always looking for ways to improve because even the best can be better, and our goal is to give homeowners what they deserve, a complete metal roofing system .

As for my own roof, it looks great, and we have not had any problems since we installed our aluminum shingles. I take pride in my company, and would be proud to have you as my customer.

Company Mission

The Permanent Roofing Systems (PRS) mission is to manufacture and sell high performance metal roofing systems and products to do it yourself metal roofing homeowners and through established reputable dealers who are proud of their high standard of customer service and support.

The aluminum roof advantage from Permanent Roofing Systems

Company History

The product has been manufactured in Canada since the 1970’s and has been installed throughout Canada.

Permanent Roofing Systems was founded originally as a distributor of aluminum roofing shingles in eastern Canada, and with the retirement of the owner of the aluminum shingles manufacturing company, PRS took over the production of the shingles in 1996.

Since 1996, the company has worked with its supplies to further develop improvements in durability and attractiveness, and has spent considerable effort in ensuring that installations are performed by qualified technicians, following the current best practices.

Together with a stringent quality assurance process covering all aspects of production and order fulfillment, PRS provides a very attractive product to the marketplace.

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