Types of Patio Roofs eHow

Types of Patio Roofs eHow


A patio roof that allows for ample sunlight, not being totally covered, is a pergola roof. This is constructed out of hardwood for durability and has spaces in between the wooden rafters so that it can let sunlight in. A pergola roof will cut 50 percent of the sunlight out, and it can be built with aluminum arbor lattice as well as wood. Plants will receive enough sun to flourish under this type of roof, though it does not protect your patio from rain. However, not a solid roof, the pergola is very sturdy in high winds.


An aluminum roof is very sturdy and provides complete shade on your patio. It has corrugated panels that overlap to provide a waterproof seal and is available in several colors with colored trim to match your house. You can paint this type of roof any color you choose if you purchase the original aluminum color. Aluminum roofs resist high wind, hail and heavy snowfalls.


Translucent plastic patio roofing is the least expensive type of roof for your patio. The heavy corrugated panels are green and are often used for greenhouses too. This roof lets filtered light in and gives good protection from the elements but will dry rot eventually due to the sun exposure. Plastic roofing will also give complete protection from rain, hail and snow, and will hold up well in all weather conditions.

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Types of Patio Roofs eHow

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