Application Guide Asphalt Roof Restoration — Quest Construction Products

Application Guide Asphalt Roof Restoration - Quest Construction Products

Asphalt Roof Restoration with the PremiumCoat System

Weathered, damaged roofs can be restored and waterproofed in place with the PremiumCoat System – a total roofing solution. No tearing off old, worn out roof. No heavy equipment. No solvents. No building closures.

Weathering Breaking down of the roof, caused by UV rays, and thermal expansion/contraction.

Excessive Roof Temperature Dark color roofs tend to store and build up extreme heat, reaching 180 degrees Fahrenheit or more.

How can the PremiumCoat System help a BUR or Mod Bit Roof?

Traditional asphalt-based roofing weathers from the bottom-up. The oils leach from the asphalt, leaving a dry, brittle substrate. As a result, the roof is less flexible and less able to expand/contract with the building as it heats/cools throughout the day.

Dark colored asphalt-based roofs heat up quickly and can reach temperatures of over 180 degrees F. If an afternoon thundershower appears, the rain rapidly cools the roof surface. The asphaltic roof surface doesnt handle this drastic temperature change well, resulting in thermal shock causing cracks and premature weathering.

As a Smooth BUR weathers, it cracks resulting in leaks. As the Mod Bit seams become weathered and brittle, they begin to pull apart from one another, causing leaks. Traditional asphaltic roofing was DESIGNED to be torn off and replaced. PremiumCoat can extend that roofs life cycle by protecting it from the #1 threat: the sun. A seamless roof coating system is a cost effective solution to the roof tear off / reroofing cycle.

PremiumCoat is a reinforced acrylic roofing SYSTEM. As an acrylic, it remains permanently flexible. Since PremiumCoat is fluid-applied, it is directly attached to the roof: every nook and cranny. No need for flashing accesories PremiumCoat fully encapsulates all roof details, making them part of the seamless roof system.

Items needed:

Recovery Board (if required)

Unibase Primer (if using)

Fabric and Brushes

Identify Roofing Substrate, Prep Surface Guidelines

A Built Up roof (BUR) is composed of layers of reinforcing felt between asphalt or coal tar. The asphalt or coal tar is heated in a kettle or tanker until it liquifies and then is applied by mop or mechanical spreader. Asphalt is a petroleum product refined from crude oil; coal tar is derived from the distillation of coal. If the asphalt is heated to an improper temperature, blistering and slipping of felts can occur, accelerating the aging of the roof system. Overheating asphalt can result in burns and fires in the kettle and on the roof.

Acceptable Recovery Boards:

Application Guide Asphalt Roof Restoration - Quest Construction Products

• ISO (polyisocyanurate) 1.5 minimum thickness

• EPS (expanded polystyrene) 1.5 minimum thickness, minimum 1.5 lb/ft3 density

• Tapered ISO or EPS 1.5 minimum thickness, minimum 1.5 lb/ft3 density

• Plywood   3/4 inch minimum thickness tongue and groove exterior B&C grade

• Densdeck / Securock 1/2 inch thickness

Modified Bitumen (Mod Bit) roof

A Mod Bit roof is a hybrid BUR that typically comes in rolled sheets. The sheets are either hot-mopped (using heated asphalt) or torch-applied to the roof. If the seams are inadequately heated, voids and blisters can result. Over time, weak seams and flashing details age and crack, causing leaks.

The surface of the applied sheet is often granulated. Before applying the PremiumCoat System, it is recommended that loose granules are swept or power washed off; the remaining granules can then be locked down with UniBase primer.

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