Causes & Types of Asphalt Shingle Roof Failures — How to recognize asphalt roof shingle failure

Causes & Types of Asphalt Shingle Roof Failures - How to recognize asphalt roof shingle failure

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Asphalt roof shingle failure guilde: this article series tells readers how to identify & explain the most-common asphalt roof shingle failures and how to obtain asphalt roofing shingle failure claims assistance. Common asphalt shingle failure factors include improper storage and handling of the asphalt shingles before installation, improper nailing, improper flashing (which pertains to any roofing material), and defective asphalt shingle product material leading to thermal splitting, cracking, blistering, staining, and in some cases curling or cupping shingles.

What are the Types of Failures That Occur on Asphalt Shingle Roofs?

Storm damage from wind and hail occur and need to be distinguished from defective asphalt shingle product or asphalt shingle installation errors. Cupping and curling due to age can be distinguished from "fishmouthing" (shown in the photo above) caused by inadequate attic venting and building moisture.

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In general, roof failures or complaints separate first into these general categories:

    Cosmetic roof covering complaints. such as shadow lines, superficial blistering (maybe becomes a wear issue), uneven surfaces, improper randomizing of shingle bundles leading to color patches on the roof. Also see BLISTERS on ASPHALT SHINGLES and see STAIN DIAGNOSIS on ROOFS . Functional roof covering defects that result in active leaks or an anticipated reduction in the life of the roof shingles compared with the shingle warranty period or shingle life anticipated by the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the life of any roofing product on a particular building is greatly influenced by factors beyond the material itself, such as

      Correct roof product installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions and roofing industry standards for roof deck preparation, underlayment, placement, nailing, flashing, and even wear from traffic on the roof during and after installation. Roof slope, color, and orientation to sun and weather Effects of nearby trees See ASPHALT SHINGLE LIFE / WEAR FACTORS for our complete list of factors that affect the life of a roof

Photo Guide to the Differences Among Asphalt Shingle Cupping, Curling, & Fishmouthing

Are these shingles curled, cupped, fishmouthed, or a combination of all three? By my [DF] definitions of these shingle failure and wear patterns, the shingles below are curled — the tab corners are up. Indeed viewed obliquely (below right) one might mistake this for a fishmouth pattern but it’s not.

    Definition of cupping roof shingles. the uplifted shingle portions in cupping are the perimeters of the shingle while the shingle center is concave or cupped. Definition of curling roof shingles. the uplifted shingles in curling patterns are at the individual shingle or shingle tab corners. Definition of fishmouthing roof shingles. the uplifted shingle component in fishmouthing are in the body of the tab not its corners.

Below left to right: cupped shingles, curled shingles, fishmouthed shingles. [Click to enlarge any image]

Watch out. as you can see at our third photo at above right, these defects may occur together on a roof. To the right of the chimney we see fishmouthing as well as some shingle cupping. Surely this is a fragile roof. Stay off.

Asphalt Shingle Failure Types List

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