Insurance Claims For Storm Damage Roof Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park

Insurance Claims For Storm Damage Roof Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park

Insurance claims for storm damage are complicated to file and can be difficult to get approved by the insurance company. We provide assistance to our residential roofing clients backed by years of experience working with hundreds of homeowners. Through rigorous roof inspections, careful documentation and the assistance of a licensed adjuster, we can help you through this difficult process and get great results.

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Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

Wind, hail and even dust can cause your rooftop to begin to leak or deteriorate. Roof repairs need to happen as quickly as possible to prevent the damage from spreading. Fortunately, many homeowner’s insurance policies cover storm damage to some extent. Our roofing contractors are experienced in assisting clients through the entire process of filing insurance claims and often help them to pay just the cost of their deductible.

The insurance claims process begins as soon as the storm ends. You may notice materials are damaged or torn off completely or a roof leak has penetrated into your home. As soon as you suspect an issue, call us. We get to your home quickly in order to provide a thorough roof inspection. This free inspection evaluates the condition of the entire roof, not just the areas that are obviously damaged.

The most important part of of a roofing inspection for insurance claims is the careful documentation. We take pictures that are timestamped as evidence of when the damage occurred. Many insurance policies require the claim be filed within a certain timeframe of the damage occurring, so having photo evidence can help prevent them from denying your claim.

Types of Storm Damage

The common types of storm damage that are eligible for coverage through insurance claims are hail and wind damages. When minor issues that can be repaired aren’t addressed in a timely manner, they can cause long-term problems and lead to a roof replacement.

Hail damage — Large stones or even average sized stones that strike at high velocities can cause degranulation of asphalt shingles or breakage of tiles, flashing, fasteners and other materials upon impact.

Wind damage — High winds can tear materials off of a rooftop or turn branches into projectiles. The impact can leave breakages or punctures, while the missing materials leave the rooftop vulnerable to leaks. High winds can even force dust onto the adhesive strips of shingles preventing them from being readhered.

We’ve seen these damages hundreds of times over the years. Our roofing contractors know how to spot even the most subtle problems. When asphalt shingles are degranulated by hail, the bald spots can be just the size of a dime and still cause serious problems in the future. We won’t allow for significant damages to be missed because your insurance adjuster doesn’t have the same trained eye that we do.

Residential Roofing Company

We work with a licensed insurance claims adjuster that can assist you with the paperwork and actually filing your claim. You won’t have to worry about whether everything was submitted properly or done on time. Our roofing company provides the most complete coverage after a storm. We offer a free estimate to all of our clients.

When you need assistance with insurance claims in Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Park or the surrounding areas, call us. We’ve got the right experience and the right team to help you get great results.

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