North Carolina Roof Cleaning Contractor NC Roof Cleaner

North Carolina Roof Cleaning Contractor NC Roof Cleaner


A general misconception among the public is the fact that discolored roofs are the result of age and deterioration that soon will require replacement. To the contrary, discoloration is the result of an air-borne fungus known as Gloeocapsa Magma. It can be identified as dark or black staining or streaks and is most noticeable on lighter colored roofs, but can be found on most any roof. Gloeocapsa Magma feeds on humidity, heat and some form of nutrient. The first two are climate related (southeastern US.) The nutrient can come from pollutants, fallen leaves and limestone found in the shingle itself.


According to the Asphalt Roofing Manufactures Association ( ARMA ), roofs that have a substantial amount of this algae can absorb as much as 30% more heat due to the black pigmentation. This heat absorption leads to shingle deterioration and higher electric bills. Moreover, not only are these roofs unsightly, the presence of this fungus in such close proximity to a living environment can pose health concerns for those with allergy problems.


Fortunately, this problem can be eliminated. Using low pressure and environmentally safe roof cleaning compounds, the fungus along with mildew and lichens can be dislodged and easily rinsed from the roof without damaging the integrity of the shingle. This is a relatively inexpensive procedure that can add years to your Virginia roof. Once initially cleaned, an annual maintenance coating is recommended to prevent recurring growth.

The term Soft Wash or No Pressure roof cleaning became popular with reputable contractors as a way to separate themselves from the fly-by-night power washers trying to stay busy. Pressure cleaning has it’s place but, it is not on the roof, especially an asphalt roof! Everyone has heard the stories of washing the granules off the shingles, tabs broken or entire shingles torn off. With 3000 lbs. of pressure coming out a small nozzle, it’s not hard to do.

Soft wash roof cleaning is a low pressure (60psi) process used to remove algae, stains, mildew and lichens. Care is taken to cover and water grass, plants and shrubs as well as other yard items. Deck furniture and other fixtures such as pet food and water bowls are covered or moved to a safe location.

North Carolina Roof Cleaning Contractor NC Roof Cleaner

When the actual work begins, a chemical solution is pumped from the holding tank on the truck, applied to the surface of the roof and allowed to dwell for a predetermined length of time depending on the severity of the stains and air temperature. Once the roof has been saturated and the chemical has had time to loosen and dislodge the algae and other contaminants, the roof is rinsed with a water hose at regular house pressure, usually around 40psi. Generally, only one application is required, although in extreme cases spot cleaning may be necessary.

Once the roof is rinsed, we remove all tarps and covers and do a final rinse of the plants and shrubs as well as window sills, porches, decks and other areas that may have been splattered. Deck furniture and other items are checked for cleanliness and put back in place. If any flower beds or landscaping have been disturbed, we will rake the area and tidy up as needed. Many times we rinse off the entire house to remove any loose dirt or pollen just as a courtesy. We value each customer and always try to do that little extra.

If you are having problems with algae (black stains), mildew or lichens on your roof, Taskmasters can help. Your roof may look bad but, more likely than not it’s not the shingles themselves, but what is on them. Many North Carolina homeowners have been fooled in believing that the shingles have been worn to the point that they must be replaced. Before anyone goes through replacing a roof, they should have it inspected by a qualified North Carolina roof cleaning contractor. A true professional will tell you if it is in need of repair or just a good cleaning. It would be unfortunate to replace a perfectly good roof only to find it stained a couple of years later.

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