PPT Sarnafil Roofing PowerPoint presentation free to view

PPT Sarnafil Roofing PowerPoint presentation free to view

Sarnafil Roofing PowerPoint PPT presentation

Title: Sarnafil Roofing

Sarnafil Roofing

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  • Sikas Sarnafil roofing systems provide products

and services that are compatible with any climate

worldwide. People from the world over put their

trust in Sarnafil roofing for their waterproofing

and roofing needs for over 40 years and counting.


  • Sikas Sarnafil roofing system is suitable with

various kinds of structures and buildings

regardless of its local climate. This is why

Sarnafil is a global leader in thermoplastic

membrane technology.

  • So how did the Swiss company, Sarnafil, get to

    be well-known in the United States?

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    • Sika AG was founded in 1910 in Baar, Switzerland

    by Kaspar Winkler and the company started out by

    manufacturing and supplying various items for the

    construction and manufacturing industry.

    Currently, Sika has over 600 brands spread across

    several subsidiaries all over the world including

    Sika Sarnafil and SikaRoof for roofing and

    Sikafloor for flooring.


    • Sika Sarnafil has been manufacturing single ply

    commercial waterproofing and commercial roofing

    made from thermoplastic or PVC since 1962. These

    systems are custom designed to cater to your

    specific needs wherever you are in the world.


    • New isnt always better and when it comes to

    roofs over your homes, you definitely want

    something that is tried and tested. Sure, we love

    anything new with technology and maybe fashion

    however it might be harder to experiment

    withsomething as crucial as your home.


    • Performance over a long period of time is the

    best test of quality and Sarnafil roofing systems

    have over 40 years to perfect its thermoplastic

    membrane formulation. Sarnafil has been using the

    same fundamental formula since 1964 and it stood

    the test of time for over four decades. This is

    the guarantee that Sarnafil roofing systems will

    not let you down not then, not now, not ever.


    • With every Sarnafil roofing system you install,

    you are assured that —

  • your roof is cost effective because it will

    minimize your maintenance expense.

  • your roof is fire resistant and will not spread
  • around the house because of its characteristic

    self-extinguishing attributes.

    PPT Sarnafil Roofing PowerPoint presentation free to view
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    • your roof is aesthetically pleasing with at least

    seven vibrant and beautiful colors to chose from

    including the ability to custom create a color

    for your home.

  • your roof will be energy efficient because it has

    the ability to reflect heat and keep your home

    cool during the summer through the

    EnergyStar-approved EnergySmart Roof.

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    • your roof is manufactured to withstand constant

    abuse from the harshest weather condition.

  • your roof is backed by the Sika Sarnafil name.
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    • You dont have to take Sika Sarnafils word for

    it. Their membrane formulation has been

    repeatedly tested by various independent

    third-parties and they all agree that it is still

    the best in the industry. One of the independent

    evaluation was done by the engineers at Simpson

    Gumpertz and Heger Inc. and they even commended

    Sarnafil G and S membranes in 1999 to be the

    among the best in terms of physical properties

    and performance.


    • Sarnafil roofing systems have been protecting

    your favorite museums, sports arena and your

    local schools and retail stores in every possible

    climate for over four decades now. If you are

    feeling a little dubious about its quality, Sika

    Sarnafil will be more than happy to provide you

    with referrals within your local area to squash

    away any hesitations.


    • You will probably spend most your professional

    life earning just enough money to be able to

    build your dream house. You work more than 40


    • A regular roof is often times flimsy and

    extremely susceptible to weather damage. Do you

    really want to wait until your roof fails you and

    destroy everything that you have worked so hard



    • With every Sarnafil roofing system you purchase,

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