Professional Roofing

Professional Roofing

Denver Roofing and Re roofing — What To Expect And What To Do

There are many types of roofing materials, costs and warranties. Even the best made shingles will eventually deteriorate, even with the most comprehensive maintenance methods in place. When that happens contractors are hired and construction could begin. Here’s what to expect when you are roofing or re roofing your Denver home.

What to require

Prior to your roof construction starting, a proposal or bid needs to be completed by an established roofing professional. Without a proposal you are shooting from the hip. Obviously if youve gone this far with a professional roofer there is a certain level of trust that you already have with him.

The proposal will cover costs associated with installing your new roof, warranties the schedule and other details. During this time you should ask questions that you have already prepared.

Find out what their procedures are if in the middle of the installation a heavy rainstorm occurs. How will they insure that their roof remains waterproof?

What to expect

The length of time it usually takes to reroof a 25 square asphalt roof depends on a few factors. Many roofing companies have large crews and can get your old roof off and new one installed in a day to day and a half. But factors such as the type of materials being taken off and installed can add quite a bit of time to the construction process.

The construction of your new roof will be very noisy. If you have small children or pets, it would be a good idea to be out of the house during construction. Additionally, pictures and other items hanging on the walls could fall off because of the amount of banging etc that is a part of the construction.

Open rafters in your garage could cause damage to your vehicle with tools and so forth falling from that area.

The contractor should also protect any landscaping you dont want damaged. Make sure that when you discuss these things with your roofer and that he signs off on your requirements. With just a verbal agreement you could end up in a dispute with him because he forgot to tell the crew to protect the flowerbed.

Quality Control Check

Many Denver roof contractors have a technician that is separate from the roofing crew. That technician has a responsibility to look at your roof to insure that the roof is installed properly. If there are things that need to be taken care of he should have the tools to handle those issues.

The roof technician should go through the property to make sure that the debris has been cleaned up, a magnetic roller should be used to clean up the nails in the yard.

Professional Roofing

Final Walk Through.

Your contractor should do a final walk through while you are present. This is the time to bring up any final concerns. If there are major roof issues make sure those things are handled properly.

If you are happy with the project the contractor should be in touch with the local building department to arrange an inspection with their inspectors. Building code inspectors arent looking for quality control issues they are only inspecting your roof to make sure it is meets the building code requirements.

Usually a building inspector will look at your property a few days after hes been notified. On rare occasions it could be a month or longer for the city to come and inspect the roof.

Its not unusual for homeowners to make a payment for the work completed and then hold the final amount until the roof has passed inspection.

If there are corrections that need to be made in order to pass inspection, your contractor should know what they are by calling the building department.

To ask specific about your particular Denver roofing or re roofing project call Professional Roofing and Exteriors.

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