Replacement Roof Metal Roofs Asphalt Shingles Cedar Shakes

Replacement Roof Metal Roofs Asphalt Shingles Cedar Shakes

There are many schools of thought about re-roofing your home and the process that should be used. In many cases re-roofing directly on top of your existing roof can provide substantial savings. These decisions should never be treated lightly, because improper inspection and unseen damage can cause even larger problems later and cost even more in the long run.

Stevenson Roofing is your local expert for re-roofing. We can inspect your roof and determine if your roof needs to be torn off and then re-roofed or if your roof is structurally sound enough to re-roof directly on your existing shingles.

Homeowners should always consult a local roofing contractor for an inspection and roofing advice before moving ahead with any roofing project. This will save not only money, but time and future headaches.

Advantages of Re-Roofing

On a structurally sound roof the saving are substantial by eliminating the labor involved in tearing the old roof off and the cost of laying down new weather protection. Clean-up is simplified by reduction or elimination.

Dumpster and dump fees are also greatly reduced.

Re-roofs present less contractor liabilities. Since there is no tear off there is less falling debris that can cause damage like old nails that can puncture tires. The absence of a dumpster eliminates possible damage to a driveway or lawn. And because the old roof remains there is less risk of weather damage during the entire process.

In the proper circumstances and with proper installation the end result is a high quality roof equal to a new roof installation.

Advantages of a Tear-Off

The advantages of a tear-off are simple. After a tear-off its easier to determine if there is any structural damage and to make any necessary repairs before moving ahead with the roof installation.

Stevenson Roofing is a qualified local roofing contractor experienced in roof evaluation and can determine the proper course on action, whether its tear-off or replacement roof.

Metal Roofing over Asphalt Shingles

The same cost savings and structural rules apply to retro-fit metal roofing when installed over an existing asphalt roof. Again the most important part is determining the soundness of the existing roof.

Advantages of Metal Roofing

If you are considering a new roof or a reroof you may want to consider a metal roof system. Metal Roofing installed properly are permanent, leak-proof, and almost indestructible.

Durability: Todays metal roofs are strong, lightweight, and seriously durable; lasting practically forever. A metal roof can last for 40 to 50 years with little to no maintenance.

Energy Savings: Metal roofing can save heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer. On sunny days it reflects heat and keeps your home cooler. On cold days its additional insulation keeps the heat inside and reduces your heating costs.

Weather Resistant: Metal roofs provide a permanent barrier against severe weather conditions. It is designed to withstand winds up to 200 mph, 1 hail and excessive weight from snow.

Appearance: Metal roofing is very versatile, it comes in a variety of colors, shapes, designs, and styles. Metal is easily shaped into shingle, tiles, or traditional standing seam roofs. You can have the perfect look for your home with zero maintenance and much longer life.

Property Value: A metal roof will add huge value to your home. Whether you are selling your home or staying forever a metal roof is a major asset.

Insurance Reductions: Metal roofs have been proven to be among the safest of roofing materials especially where fire is concerned. In recognition of this many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners with metal roofs.

Tax Benefits: There are many special programs and tax credits available for energy savings improvements, a metal roof generally qualifies.

Roof Inspection

Stevenson Roofing can tear off your existing roof or re-roof directly over your old roof. We must first determine the soundness of your existing roof through inspection and evaluation. We will be looking for:

  • Any Signs of Damage
  • Condition of Roof
  • Age of Roof
  • Maintenance Done
  • Any Roof Repairs Done
  • Condition of Decking
  • Overall Structural Integrity

We generally walk the roof to determine structural support, strength, and size. We examine existing shingles for decay and curling. If a roof shingles are badly curled, flashing is badly deteriorated, or its deck is spongy and soft, it will require a tear-off.

A quality re-roofing job is only as good as the base its on. If the foundation isnt good youll end up spending far more than a tear-off and new roof installation.

At Stevenson Roofing we understand that money is tight. Its our company policy to save our customers as much money as possible, while delivering the best product possible. Thats been our motivation since 1989.

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