Residential Metal Roofing Systems in Maine, NH, & MA

Residential Metal Roofing Systems in Maine, NH, & MA

Perhaps you have heard of metal roofing but wondered why anyone would choose it over the more conventional asphalt shingled roof. There are many reasons to install a metal roof. and as more people are becoming aware of these reasons, the popularity of residential metal roofing is increasing.


Metal Roofing as an investment

Many people are drawn to a metal roof as an investment in their biggest asset, their home. A metal roof increases both the curb appeal as well as the monetary worth of their house. A metal roof last two to three times longer than an asphalt roof and it this longevity, which increases the selling price of the house. Buying a house is a big expenditure; its comforting to know that your new house may never need to be re-roofed while you live there. Except for some minor maintenance every decade or so, the roof can be forgotten.

Another reason to considered this roof as an investment;it makes money for the homeowner by lowering costs. Insurance companies court homeowners with metal roofs by offering them lower premiums. Lastly, metal roofs can lower utility costs by reflecting rather than absorbing solar radiation in hot weather while preventing the formation of ice dams in cold weather. Ice dams form when ice and snow on a roof melt and then refreeze when reaching a cooler portion of the roof. As ice melts and migrates to the eves and refreezes it builds until it is forced up under shingles and then melts again and leaks into the house. The only prevention for ice dams forming is to have a metal roof.

For its appearance

  • Question: What does a metal roof look like?
  • Answer: Any way you want it to look.

A residential metal roof can have the appearance of slate tiles, ceramic tiles or asphalt shingles. The more obviously metal roofs come in various widths of a standing seam style and in a variety of colors. It is totally up to the buyer how their roof will look. For those who may feel overwhelmed by the many style and color choices available, consultants with computer graphic magic can point you in the right direction and allow you a preview to help you make those decisions.

Metal roofs not only look good upon installation, they stay good looking. Asphalt shingles deteriorate with age. They fade, they crack, and they curl up; sometimes they become mildewed or have moss growing on them. Metal roofs, on the other hand, maintain their appearance decade after decade. Bottom line: Asphalt shingled roof look their age, but metal roofs are ageless.

For the environment

Some homeowners make the decision for metal roofing out of environmental concerns. Metal roofing is inexpensively recyclable with little lost in the process. Asphalt shingles on the other hand have very little recycling potential and usually end up in landfills. A metal roof also helps the environment by reducing the need for air conditioning in hot weather. A metal roof not only resists absorbing solar radiations but also reflects it; this keeps the house naturally cooler and even works toward reducing the “urban heat island” effect.

Common objections to residential metal roofing

There are several reasons people balk at installing a metal roof. but are they good reasons? Taken one by one these reasons do not seem so reasonable once examined.

Cost of a Metal Roof

Replacing an existing roof is expensive, regardless of the materials used. A metal roof is traditionally viewed as one of the more expensive options but this is true only if viewed in the short-term. With the cost of asphalt tied to the price of oil, a metal roof is becoming less expensive compared to an asphalt-shingled one. Perhaps more important than the unpredictable affects of oil prices are the longevity and durability of metal versus asphalt.

Metal roofs last longer. The lifespan of a metal roof is two or three times that of an asphalt shingled ones. Therefore, the question becomes is the metal roof less expensive than several asphalt roofs. There is also the question of strength and reliability, both areas where metal roofs outshine other roofs. One of the reasons a metal roof lasts longer is that it is not aged by weather the way other roofs are.

Weather Resistance of a Metal Roof

Oddly, weather related issues are another common objection to having a metal roof. People worry that a metal roof will be more likely to be lost to high winds or incur hail damage. These are both reasonable assumptions but never the less false ones. Generally, metal roofs are able to withstand higher wind speeds than asphalt shingled roofs. Metal roofs can handle winds up to 110, and in some cases 130, miles per hour whereas asphalt shingles break or separate from the roof at about 70 miles per hour. In fact, metal roofs exceed the standards set by Miami Dade County, one of the most hurricane prone areas of the country. As for hail, rather than inflicting structural damages such as splitting or cracking, a metal roof will, at most, receive on slight cosmetic damage, easy repaired and hardly noticeable.

Lightening is another weather related worry that many homeowners have concerning the installation of a metal roof. It seems quite logical that a metal roof would attract lightening however, the biggest attraction for lightening is the height of a structure. The fact is, a metal roof is no more likely to be struck than an asphalt shingled roof. Additionally, when a lightning strike does occur, a metal roof will dissipate the charge rather than allowing it to go through the structure. If you must be in a house struck by lightning, better it be a house with a metal roof.

We have always used asphalt shingles

This may be the biggest obstacle. However, simply following the same path will only get you to the same places. Investigate the metal roof path and you can find yourself in a better looking, less expensive, and safer place.

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