Roof Insulation Rebate Australian Government Insulation Rebate

Roof Insulation Rebate Australian Government Insulation Rebate

Insulation Rebate -

The Insulation rebate was originally halted on 19 February 10 and a new Insulation Rebate was set to commence from 1 Jun 10, however the government has now halted the rebate altogether.

The remaining $1billion available for the program will be used to perform safety inspections on 200,000 homes insulated with batts and further 50,000 homes insulated with foil insulation. The government estimates that it will be inspect around 4,000 homes a week — which will take about 8 months or more to perform. It is estimated from previous inspections that 17.6% of the 1.1million homes insulation under the rebate have none compliance issues including poor or under performing batts and 7.6% of homes have safety issues relating to the installation of insulation. If you are concerned about your insulation please refer to more information about

Home Insulation Rebate -

The following information is for reference purpose only -

As part of the Government’s $42 billion economy stimulus package — $2.4 billion has been allocated to

insulating the estimated 40% of Australian homes that do not currently have ceiling or roof insulation.

See if you home or rental property qualifies for $1200 insulation rebate.

Note as of 1 November Landlords and Tenants are now eligible for up to $1200 in Insulation Rebates.

Insulation Rebate Check List  -

If you can answer Yes to the following questions then you qualify for the Federal Government’s

Home Insulation Rebate.   (Note The Landlord’s Rebate has now been disbanded and is now

covered under the same rebate and amount for $1200 as for householders)

You are either a:

  1. Householder — You are the owner and occupier of the home to be insulated and you an

Australian citize n or permanent resident aged 18 years over. Or you are a

  • Landlord or Tenant — Are you the Landlord of the dwelling where the Ceiling Insulation is

    to be installed and:

    • an Australian citizen or permanent resident aged 18 years or over; or
    • a corporate entity incorporated in Australia; or
    • the Tenant of a dwelling owned by a Landlord who has evidence of the Landlord’s

    permission (letter from the Landlord or Landlord’s agent) to install Ceiling Insulation

    in that dwelling under the Home Insulation Program and to sign the Work Order Form

    including giving a release on the Landlord’s behalf;

    And —  (common to both Homeowners and Landlords) 

    • You have permission from other owner/s (if the property is jointly owned or tenants in common.)
    • You have the approval to insulate your home from your body corporate (if applicable.)
    • You have not received the solar hot water rebate for your home after 3 February 2009.
    • Your home was built before 2003 New homes or extensions built after 2003 are not eligible for the

      rebate as they are covered by the home energy efficiency program and changes to the builders code. 

    • Your home does NOT already have roof or ceiling insulation installed (or your insulation meets the

      requirements for negligible effectiveness ). Note. If your home is partly insulated (i.e insulation was

      installed in say a new extension you are still allowed to insulate the remainder of your home under

      the rebate assuming it is not already insulated.)

    The Rebate Does Not Cover;

    If you answered YES to all the above then you are eligible for the rebate and You can now apply for

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