Roof Moss Removal — ROTban Treatment for Roofs

Roof Moss Removal - ROTban Treatment for Roofs

What is ROTban?

ROTban is a spray which is applied to your roof, preferentially as a preventative measure to keep moss, lichen and fungi from eating away your roof. This spray is safe to use and can be applied by the owner.

"ROTban Stops the cycle of rot scientifically, without power washing."

Is ROTban moss kill roof spray safe?

The simple answer is. YES!

In five years and more than one million square feet of application, professional ROTban installers have never had to replace a plant, even though many grow right beside the roof runoff.

To be ensure complete safety for you, your pets, and your gardens, a comprehensive booklet will be supplied with your order, plus you may obtain advice from the email address listed below. You can also download a copy of the manual at the link below: ROTban Application Manual

How much will it cost to remove moss from my roof ?

Application costs vary due to factors such as size, height, steepness, accessibility and roofing material. All types of roofing are treatable with ROTban, including those on flat roofs. The larger your roof, the more money you will save versus re-roofing.

Please contact us for a free estimate and to find out more.

Does ROTban remove the natural resins found in cedar roofs?

Resins and oils are the natural preservatives in cedar, which makes it so valuable as a building product. Since cedar cell walls are not particularly strong, the resins and oils in the sap are particularly important. The more they deplete, the more fragile the shakes become.

ROTban doesn’t harm or remove these oils and resins, as is it would in the use of power washers. ROTban in fact, complements the oils and resins, working together to battle the rot producing organisms. It bonds to the wood cells, and, when wet, battles the destructive simple plant and animal life organisms.

Is it ok to walk on the roof?

It is dangerous to walk on any roof, of course, especially cedar. Slippery when wet. You may have heard some roofers advise never to walk on your roof. It is possible to do damage. This is why you need our maintenance guide. If you follow the logical, experience based principles laid down in our booklet, you can remain safe and take care of your roof. I advise the intelligent road of intervention by an intelligent worker. The alternative is to let nature take its course, which works well in composting, and works to destroy your roof. So purchase your ROTban, follow the simple instructions and protect your roof saving yourself a bundle.

Should you have a cedar roof power washed and preserved?

The Cedar Bureau has standards on this procedure, and they should be followed if this method is used. I would recommend using a Cedar Bureau member company. However, it is hard to get good economic value from this unless you are selling soon. Beware of exaggerated claims. Save yourself a bundle of money, order your ROTban and let nature and this excellent product do the work for you.

Why do new cedar shakes look so different on the roof?

In the Lower Mainland of BC, we have ideal conditions for algae, mildew, spores, microbes, moss and lichen. The smaller life forms lie on the surface of the wood and live on the moisture from the atmosphere and the nutrients in the wood. They chew up the top layer or two of cells on the wood, which then turn dark in color, and very slippery in the wet weather. New shakes do not have this problem. It takes a year or two for weather to break down the resistance of the resin in the new wood Then microbes do their destructive work. That’s when it will blend. But doesn’t it make more sense to treat all the shakes so the life stops destroying them? When ROTban works for a few months, the pulverized surface cells of wood wash off, leaving a clean, whole wood cell surface. Then the wood stays that way — about the color and texture of driftwood.

How long does ROTban prevent moss on my roof for?

ROTban sticks tenaciously to the wood cells, and re-activates each time it rains. We know from experience that it keeps doing this for at least four years.

When is the ideal time to apply ROTban?

Once the roofing has weathered for a year or two, it can be treated. You will get the best economic advantages by treating it early in its life. Up to year 10 gives you the maximum value. However, it can be applied with great benefit anytime before ganule loss gets a firm grip.

When is it too late to apply ROTban?

If the inspection shows rot or granule loss is consistently growing deeper or wider than 1/4 inch on some part of many of the shingles all around the roof, may be too late to do much. Typically this will be about year 18 — 25.

Who created ROTban moss kill roof spray?

ROTban was originally developed by Professional Roofing Group in 1997, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The owner, Gregg McBurnie has had extensive experience in the wood preservation field and throughout the years, has developed the ROTban wood treatment product. Although our name has changd to reflect the success of the product, ROTban is still under the direction and guidance of Mr. McBurnie.

All ROTban work is still carried out under the direction of Gregg McBurnie.

Roof Moss Removal - ROTban Treatment for Roofs

How do Zinc Strips Work to prevent moss on roofs?

Since simple plant life forms are the main culprit in deterioration, their reduction is the logical approach to preservation. Zinc strips work when rain rolls over the metal in the strip, and the metal particles are carried down the roof. The environment created keeps the plant life at bay.

This set of photos dramatically shows the results of different growing conditions on a small piece of roof.

This section of roof is just below a chimney of wood siding. The interface of shakes to wood includes the use of metal flashing. Interestingly, the metal flashing gets various amount of rain running over it, depending on the amount of exposure of metal. Most areas have about 3 of metal for water to run over, but the area at the side gas about 8X that much. There are other factors here, including the fact that this spot is lined up to get a high amount of shade, but the differences in simple plant life growing here are mainly due to the amount of metal contamination in the water, which is then bathing the roof.

Note the streaks of different mildew and moss types, running down to the gutter.

Note the way the streaks are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

Note that one streak is limited to a certain strain of blue-green algae, and the inner streak is clean of all simple plant life.

The clean area is being effectively preserved. Unfortunately the area is limited and various, due to the loss and dilution of the metal particles as the water travels down.

Zinc strips work this same way, except that it is more consistent. The strip gives an even 3 area wherever it is installed. Zinc is more effective than powder coated metal used in flashings.

HOWEVER, there are weaknesses in the zinc strip approach. It, too, looses effectiveness about 15 feet down the course.

So if it is to do a good preservation job, it should be applied every 15 feet, and under each hip, or angular cap.

The result of this pattern is not eye pleasing, and expensive in zinc.

Zinc strips also have the disadvantage of curling over time, along with warping and breaking free of nails. It lasts about 5 years before oxidizing and loosing its power, and needs to be cleaned well or replaced. Before that time, also, the warps and curls are creating uneven flow, as water runs along the strip to find the lower points. The uneven flow of metal saturated water creates uneven effectiveness.

This is why the use of zinc strip has limited value. On the other hand, ROTban is applied in such a way as to bond into the cells of the roofing material, and stay bonded, activating with each rainfall and working on the spot and for a distance below the spot. The result is continuous, completely even performance throughout the roof field, and thus a beautiful appearance.

So go ahead and order your ROTban today and get this situation dealt with!

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