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CRW Hosts Palm Court Topping Off Party

raffle drawing winner!

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii hosted a topping off party last week thursday at the Palm Court Recreation Center as a celebratory roof completion acknowledgement for both the residents of Palm Court as well as the CRW crew that executed the entire re-roofing project.  CRW brought the food, fun and raffle-prize drawings poolside for the residents.

Top Tips From Our Roof Maintenance Division

Jeff Gowan, AKA Chief Joke Master! Heads up our Roof Management & Repair Division here at Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii.  He has seen some of the best to some of the worst when it comes to roof maintenance.  He often advises that many repair calls can actually be prevented with regular maintenance and precautions taken.

Example 1.  A flooded rooftop was seeping water down due to intended water exit points on the rooftop being closed off (perhaps by in-house facilities maintenance that was unawares of the purpose) that should have been left open.

Example 2: Water was not able to drain as normal due to a crumpled downspout at the exit point from a vehicle that must have smashed it.  Combined with foliage that got collected in the downspout in pouring rains and a closed exit point, excess water was building up on a roofing system that was not intended to hold the weight nor water mass and thus leaked down into various points in the building.

Jeff collected some of the TOP TIPS he identified as good reminders for regular maintenance to pass along to your facilities maintenance staff to keep them aware of small things that can be done on a regular basis or for emergency preparedness seasons of heavy rains etc.  As always, we welcome other suggestions or stories!


SNAPSHOT SUMMARY: Marina Palms,  a 2-story town home association in Hawaii Kai, was a turnkey roofing and PV project that provided each individual homeowner the option to install a PV system on the brand new CertainTeed Roofing System completed by CRW.

#1  Rooftop Analysis: Each building has several units and dividing up the roof space was quite a task for the association.  In collaborating with Greenpath Technologie s, a comprehensive study of each building to determine the number of panels and ideal placement for maximum production was provided.  As a result, the association was able to proportionally allocate the number of panels for each unit.

Roofing Blog Commercial Roofing Inc

#2 Maximum financial benefit to each owner

#3 Turnkey Roofing & PV Warranty Benefits: provides the association with one point of accountability to cover both the roofing and PV installations.

Press Release as featured in Building Management Hawaii:

(Honolulu, HI) – Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii (CRW) completed two multi-family townhome roofing projects on Oahu, in Hawaii Kai and Ewa by Gentry communities.  Both projects involved the tear-off of the existing roofs and complete replacement using CertainTeed Landmark Pro Energy Star Asphalt Shingles.  Through a partnership with Greenpath Technologies. both projects have commenced with the installation of PV systems, which will make them complete turnkey energy solution projects under a master warranty program.

Located near Hawaii Kai’s marina, the Marina Palms project consisted of re-roofing eight low-rise buildings with 54 residences.  Originally constructed in 1966, the Marina Palms roofs were in need of a new roof that could withstand an exterior combination of sun and nearby ocean salt water elements, yet enhance the association’s a marina-front lifestyle.  “The Association selected the CertainTeed Landmark Pro asphalt shingles in the Energy Star Silver Birch color, which are laminated and have high solar reflectivity with an extended performance.  Including a complete tear-off, the Marina Palms roofing project was completed in late 2012.  Greenpath Technologies’ installation of PV panels for additional energy savings is currently underway.   This turnkey installation of the roof and PV through one general contractor allows the Association to be protected with one master warranty,” said CRW company president Guy Akasaki.

Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii, Inc. is a full-service roofing and waterproofing contractor with 75 employees and operations in Hawaii, Guam and the Philippines.  They cover the full spectrum of roofing and waterproofing, having installed nearly every kind of system from the purely functional to assemblies that are highly visible and aesthetically pleasing.  CRW is highly involved with ‘Sustainability Initiatives,’ and through their partnerships with a strategic alliance of a family of companies, provides a multitude of technologically advanced clean energy systems and efficient products to reduce carbon footprints, including solar reflective specialty coatings, and a new generation of technologically advanced PV energy systems.

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