Roofing Options home owners should know PRLog

Roofing Options home owners should know PRLog

The residential roofing industry in recent years has developed an extremely wide variety of shingle roof appearances.

PRLogMar. 26, 2009GARLAND, Texas The residential roofing industry in recent years has developed an extremely wide variety of shingle roof appearances. Shingle material is still dominated by asphalt products but over the years, the manufacturers have developed new designs that can closely approximate the appearance of other, more expensive roofing materials such as slate or hand split cedar shakes. Another major change is that asphalt shingles today are predominantly reinforced with fiberglass, not the paper felt which was popular 10 — 15 years ago. This has allowed shingles to become somewhat lighter and more durable.

Will Sweet Roofingtakes pride in sorting out what we feel will offer you the best performance for the best price. Hopefully, the following information will help you feel comfortable with your roofing decisions. Metal roofing materials have come a long way and have become much more popular in recent years. They are attractive, light weight, durable and fire resistant. There are many types of options for metal roofing but the main two are aluminum and steel. Each has their own benefits depending on its application. Aluminum is strong, durable and light weight. These are the same properties that makes aluminum a popular choice in the aerospace industry. And if its good enough for NASA then its excellent as a roofing material. Due to its being very light weight roofing with aluminum does not require the structure’s roof to be reinforced which can be a problem when using other heavier materials such as tile or slate. Another major benefit to using aluminum is its resistance to rust and corrosion. This can be a very important advantage for those building is coastal areas that will be subjected to salt spray. And lastly because aluminum is more malleable than steel it can more easily be formed into various designs and shapes.

Steel is another option for a metal roof. But steel itself is not known for its corrosion resistance and will start to rust quite quickly. Therefore the steel that is used as a roofing material is galvanized. This means that the steel is given a protective coated of either zinc or zinc/aluminum to give it the rust and corrosion protection needed for use in roofing. For use in areas of high winds steel can be a better option than other metal roofing materials because of its higher resistance to wind uplift. Galvanized steel roofing is also available in a variety of finishings. It can be painted, aggregate-coated, or with a mill or bare finish. It will also never crack or peel when exposed to sun and weather making a long lasting material.

For home owners looking to save on cooling costs in the summer metal roofs can do just that. With a tradition asphalt shingle heat from the sun can be absorbed into the home heating it up throughout the day. A metal roof will tend to reflect the radiant heat away that would normally collect in the home’s attic. Depending on where you live you could save about 40% on your cooling costs.

The biggest stumbling block most home owners have with metal roofing is the cost as it is more expensive than other available roofing options and yes, if you plan on moving in a few years then a metal roof may not be cost effective. But if you are planning on living in your home for a long period of time a metal roof can actually be cheaper. That’s because a metal roof can last as long as fifty years or more and requires very little maintenance. In the same time period an asphalt roof may need replacement 2-4 times.

Roofing Options home owners should know PRLog

A properly and professionally installed metal roofing, whichever type you choose, will give you decades of protection and beauty to your home. Add to it the energy cost savings and you have a winning combination.

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