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Sela Roofing News Request a Free Estimate

The team at Sela Roofing Company understands that autumn is many things to many people. To some, it represents harvest time, the season of pumpkin carving and when the leaves will begin to fall from trees. For others, the fall season means just one thing: a gateway to another long and arduous (yet beautiful!) Midwestern winter.

At Sela Roofing Company, we know firsthand how tasking the winter months can prove to our customers. Thats why we proudly offer a comprehensive range of snow and ice removal services. Our primary goal during the winter months is to help protect our clients homes and roofs from a potentially ravaging season and proactively maintain the integrity of various structures inside and outside their residences.

What You Can Expect When Using Sela Roofing This Winter

What can you expect when using Sela Roofing to help with your snow and ice needs? First and foremost, we are committed to preventing ice dams from forming on clients homes throughout the winter. Ice dams, formed by large accumulations of snow and/or pooling moisture that refreezes, can wreak havoc on even the most structurally sound residential roof. When left unattended, an ice dam can eventually find its way into the home, causing rot and deterioration wherever it seeps. At Sela Roofing, we will manage the amount of snow and freezing on your roof so youll never have to worry about ice dams.

Additionally, the crew at Sela Roofing Company also helps manage the sheer accumulation of snow that can build up throughout a winter season. Over time, snow left on your roof can get wetter and heavier. Eventually, the weight of the snow can actually force the roof to collapse. Our team of professional snow removal experts will remove the accumulating snow on your roof to ensure the integrity of the structure as well as the safety of everyone inside your home.

Ready to let Sela Roofing Company help you get ready for winter? Call us today and speak with one of snow and ice removal experts today!

At Sela Roofing Company, we have earned a reputation for offering superior masonry services throughout the Minnesota region. Our skilled, experienced and highly-qualified brick and stone experts not only partner with our customers throughout the installation process, we also consult with clients to brainstorm the best masonry options for their specific exterior property. Working together, we can help design a stone and/or brick layout that adds esthetic beauty and even enhances the overall value of your home.

Let Sela Roofing Provide Options To Help Redefine The Exterior Of Your Home

When working with Sela Roofing to enhance your homes exterior, we will consult with you to consider a wide range of stone and brick options that will redefine your current look. A popular option for many of our customers? Reworking an existing chimney. Over time, wear and tear can take its toll on even the most expertly constructed chimney structure. Sela Roofings team of masonry experts can repair any compromises found throughout the chimney for optimal functionality. Additionally, we can also renovate the entire structure using new materials for a completely new look.

Chimneys arent the only options available from the team of masonry professionals at Sela Roofing. Driveways and walkways make another excellent choice for homeowners looking for distinctive stone and brick accents throughout their exterior. When working with us, we will help you work through our comprehensive catalogue of inventory so you can choose the right layout for your home.

Really looking to make a statement using the outside of your house? You may want to consider adding brick or stone to an exterior house wall. Some of our clients love the look of using stones to surround the entranceway of the house as a welcoming look for guests. Others choose to accent an entire side of their home with some of our masonry finishes. Whatever their selection, working with Sela Roofing Company means that they have a fresh, new home exterior that makes major visual impact.

Are you ready to hear more about our brick and stonework options. Contact us today at (612) 823-8046 for a free project evaluation!

Looking for a new roofing solution on your home? You may want to consider an asphalt roofing installation from Sela Roofing Company. Asphalt roofing offers homeowners an extensive range of features and benefits that makes them an optimal choice, no matter what the size and style of your home.

An Asphalt Roof From Sela Roofing Delivers Unparalleled Features And Benefits

Not sure if an asphalt roof installation from Sela Roofing makes sense for your home? Learning more about the many benefits this option offers can help make the choice an easy one. When working with Sela Roofing Company for an asphalt roof installation, youll be able to choose from a virtually endless selection of shingle colors. No matter what the style and scheme of your property, youll quickly be able to choose a color that enhances visual impact.

Additionally, asphalt shingles have a proven reputation for optimal endurance and durability. No matter what the weather conditions, your newly installed asphalt roofing system will be able to withstand anything that Mother Nature has in store. The lifespan of these shingles also proves industry leading, with an average duration that can last anywhere from 20-50 years.

Of course, in time, most roofing systems will need some type of repair to maintain the integrity of the structure. Fixing an asphalt roof proves a fairly easy and straightforward process, especially when partnering with Sela Roofing Company. Our team of installation experts can quickly fix any damage or deterioration to ensure that your roof system is protecting everyone inside the home.

Best of all, asphalt roofing systems have earned a reputation as a very affordable solution. When working with Sela Roofing Company, we will provide a no-risk project assessment outlining the fees and costs of the install. Homeowners with virtually every size of budget are generally able to find an asphalt option that will deliver esthetic and functional results without stretching their financial resources too thin.

Want more information on an asphalt roof installation from Sela Roofing Company? Call us today and speak with one of our licensed and professional contractors to outline the details of your project!


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Its no secret that Sela Roofing Company has earned a reputation for being a leading distributor for windows of all types, styles and materials. Our installation experts partner with our clients looking for new windows for a myriad of reasons. Whether looking to replace existing window models that are showing signs of wear and tear, or to install window styles to enhance the look of a newly constructed home, our extensive selection of name brand models can help our clients find exactly what they need to suit both their sense of style and sense of function.

Sela Roofing Double Hung Windows: A Leading Choice For Many Homeowners

Double hung windows have always proven a popular choice for our clients…and with good reason. Sela Roofings double hung window options deliver an impressive range of features and benefits that simply cant be ignored. Whats the first thing that our customers often notice about this particular window style? The excellent accessibility they offer, particularly when it comes to cleaning. Unlike other options that require homeowners to go outside to clean the exterior-facing pane, these windows can be rotated in for cleaning on both sides as well as the upper and lower panes.

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Additionally, double hung windows allow homeowners the benefit of optimal, easy to manage air circulation. Homeowners can choose whether they want to open the top or bottom portion of the window. The result? Youll easily be able to manage air circulation and cross ventilation based on your needs/preference at the time.

Being able to open only the top portion of the window is also a safety benefit offered when choosing double hung options. You can easily open the top part of the window to allow air into your home; however, youll eliminate the worry of little ones being able to push through a screen on the lower piece of the window.

Whats perhaps the best feature of the double hung windows available at Sela Roofing? The endless assortment of styles that they we offer our clients. If youre ready to let us help you find the right option to suit your needs, contact us today at (612) 823-8046 for a free project evaluation!


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Here at Sela Roofing Company, our team of expert builders often partners with homeowners looking to expand the exterior footprint of their home. One of our most popular options is a residential sunroom. Opting for a residential sunroom from Sela Roofing Company offers an extensive range of distinctive benefits including:

Affordability: Its no secret that adding on to a house can be a costly endeavor. However, nothing says that you have to forego the expansion idea altogether due to your budget. Sunrooms offer a variety of price points that are often less expensive than other expansion options. Youll be able to quickly pinpoint a choice that will work with your home expansion budget and Sela Roofing will make it happen.

Livable space: Beyond affordability, a sunroom from Sela Roofing Company also offers livable space. Other home additions may focus on providing more storage or enhance already existing functionality. However, sunrooms deliver actual livable space for you and your loved ones. You and your family can use it to relax, entertain and visit with friends.

Outdoor enjoyment: Additionally, opting for a Sela Roofing sunroom means that youll be able to let in all the beauty of the great indoors, without having to worry about weather. Sitting in your new space, youll be able to enjoy your lawn and gardens without worrying about being too hot or getting caught out in the rain.

Energy saving: Best of all, choosing to expand your home with a Sela Roofing sunroom means that you will be able to maximize enjoyment of both natural light and heat. The result? Putting a sunroom addition on your home instantly proves a perfect energy-saving option.

Want to hear more about Sela Roofing Companys approach to using sunrooms as an ideal home addition to your footprint? Call us today and speak with one of our licensed, professional and insured contractors about your addition vision!


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