Standing Seam Metal Roof; Steel, Aluminum,Copper Shingles

Standing Seam Metal Roof; Steel, Aluminum,Copper Shingles

Typically, metal roofs last more than 50 years, whereas an asphalt roof can last approximately 17 years, depending on local weather conditions. A metal roof will likely be the LAST ROOF you will ever put on!

Aussie Roofing is your metal roof installation professional choice for the San Francisco Bay Area. We offer metal roofing from Custom-Bilt Metals , a leading metal roofing manufacturer and supplier of seamless rain gutter systems, standing seam metal roofing systems fabricated from steel, aluminum, and copper; as well as Kynar-500 finished steel tiles and shingles, aluminum shake, copper shingles, and various stone-coated products.

Thanks to a new premium coating, Custom-Bilt Metals standing seam roofs greatly reduce heat absorption. which can save energy. lower cooling costs. and increase the life expectancy of the roofs by reducing expansion and contraction. A great addition to your green energy efficient house plans! This breakthrough now enables architects to design roofs with medium and dark colors. The key to these benefits is the introduction of new ULTRA-Cool high reflective roofs. and new technology developed by BASF Corporation’s Industrial Coatings Division.

Custom-Bilt Metals has been one of the top metal roof brands serving the seamless gutter and metal roofing shingle and shake industries since 1974. Contact Aussie Roofing today for all your needs regarding seamless rain gutter systems. aluminum roofing shakes. metal copper colored roofs. steel shingles as well as other metal roofing materials. Additionally, Aussie Roofing offers Berridge Metal Roofing Systems .

For Residential and Commercial Applications:

Ideal for Northern California Industrial Structures

Today’s investment-grade metal roofing products are beautiful, long-lasting and cost-effective. With superior energy efficiency and environmental benefits, it’s no surprise that owners, architects, and builders across North America have more than doubled metal roofing use over the last five years!

This industry growth is due to the LAST-TIME metal Cool Roof products by Custom-Bilt Metals using emerging technologies that weren’t available in earlier products. Thanks to steel-bonded metallic coating this new technology provides:

  • No more cracking or peeling
  • No color fade
  • LAST-TIME products are fire-resistant
  • Reflect heat in the summer, and provide insulation in the winter. Result: lower energy and insurance bills.
  • Stands up to harsh UV rays, ice, severe storms—even winds equal to an F2 tornado
  • LAST-TIME products can cost less than half the price of asphalt composition roofing and about a third of wood shakes.

LAST-TIME Metal Roofing products use a trademarked technology called ULTRA-Cool by BASF Corporation, that reflects more heat than any other roofing material on the market. A TITAN Cool Roof is a premium two-coat system based on the same 70 percent PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride ) resin-based coating system supplied as Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000. Kynar 500 PVDF or Hylar 5000 PVDF are in use on many prominent commercial buildings around the world, such as the Petronas Towers in Malaysia and Taipei 101 in Taiwan. The reflective cooling ability of TITAN Cool Roof technology is an essential ingredient in metal roofing details for residences as well as on other commercial metal roofs.

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