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Storm Damage

Posted on: March 8th, 2012 by JonRD

Hail Damage Roofing Minnesota:

Is your roof damaged from hail storms/wind damage, or do you need your roof repaired or replaced?

The reputable roofers at Roof Doctor can provide expert help to repair or replace a roof that has suffered from hail damage or wind damage. Roof Doctor, is a renowned local roofing contractor serving Minneapolis/St. Paul and all surrounding counties. We can help solve your roofing needs in the following ways:

  • Certified roofing inspectors and adjusters identifying hail damage and wind damage.
  • Insurance claims assistance experts
  • Leading roofing brands and products
  • Workmanship and manufacturer warranties
  • Quality craftmanship

Hailstorms and wind storms are frequent occurrences in Minnesota. The majority of hailstorms and wind storms occur during the spring, summer or fall months, and are concentrated in local areas, and usually do not cause extensive property damage. However, sometimes hailstones can be large enough to cause serious damage – usually 1.5 inches or more. Or severe winds of 40 mph or more. When this happens, hailstones and wind can cause, property damage to your roof, siding, or windows. When hailstones reach three inches in diameter, they can cause extensive damage to your roof, siding or windows.

Minnesota Hail Damage Roofing:

Roof Hail Damage – Signs of Damage to Roofs

In Minnesota, the last few years has resulted in significant amounts of roof, siding and window damage, from hail and wind storms. While hail is common throughout the year in Minnesota, in recent years above average hail storms have occurred in Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Some of these hail storms have produced baseball-sized hail, which is capable creating extensive damage to residential roofs throughout Minneapolis/St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

How Hail Damages A Roof:

Hail is dangerous to your Minnesota home’s roof because it decreases the roof’s life expectancy.

Storm Damage - Roof Doctor - Roof Repair and Ice Damn Removal

Asphalt Roofs:

Damage to the asphalt roof occurs when the protective granular surface of the asphalt shingle loosens and falls off. With the granules removed the shingle loses some of its protection, shortening the life span of the roof and making it more susceptible to additional damage.

Metal roofs are more hail resistant that asphalt roofs, but metal roofs can suffer cosmetic damage in the form of dents and damaged coatings.

Wood Shingle and Shake Roofs:

Wood shingles and shakes are damaged by hail when the impact energy of a striking hailstone is enough to bust the wood, compromising one ply of the roofing and producing two narrow shingles (or shakes) each secured by only one fastener. A split reduces the life of the roof constituting roof damage. Occasionally, hailstones will puncture wood roofing and wood shakes.

Roofs that sustain hail damage do not always require immediate removal. If the roofing system is not repaired or replaced, over time the damaged shingles could develop into leaks allowing water seepage into the roof.

Identifying Hail Damage:

Like most of the country, asphalt shingles are the primary roofing material used on Minnesota roofs. Below are some common signs your roof has been damaged by a hail storm:

  • Dents or bruising on the roof’s asphalt shingle
  • Granules are missing from the shingle
  • Roofing shingles feel softer to the touch
  • Granules are present in the gutters or at the base of downspouts
  • Metal air vents, gutters and siding are damaged and dented

Q: Will my homeowner’s insurance policy cover roof repair or roof replacement due to hail damage?

A: All homeowner’s policies will cover repairing your roof if it has experienced hail damage. Most often the roof is fully replaced instead of repaired. Roofs are replaced because the insurance company realizes the damage to your roof has decreased its life expectancy and its ability to protect against water damage. If your homeowner’s policy covers hail damage and the insurance company accepts the claim, you are normally responsible for paying a deductible for the new roof.

If you are uncertain if your homeowner’s insurance policy covers hail damage, review your homeowner policy paperwork, and contact your insurance company.

Beware of storm chasers going door to door in Minnesota neighborhoods right after a hail storm. Many of these companies are not licensed in Minnesota, are not located in Minnesota, require upfront payments, perform shoddy work, and are long gone if your roof experiences problems afterwards.

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