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At Amstill Corporation. we believe that a sound roof is very important to the rehabilitation and maintenance of residential properties. We service the Houston metropolitan area from our offices and warehouse in west Houston.

Our mission is to replace a deteriorated roof with a new one in one day. This means that our crews are scheduled and coordinated by experienced service representatives who are fully trained and qualified to follow our demanding professional guidelines.

Amstill Corporation

AMSTILL Corporation is the successor to a proprietorship begun by Frank S. Stilley in Houston, Texas in 1973. Over the years the business grew to become Frank Stilley Roofing Contractors, Inc. and the current AMSTILL Corporation in 1979. Since its inception, AMSTILL has been recognized as the premier Roofing Contractor in Houston and the surrounding suburbs. We have become Houston’s leading roofing company by providing unsurpassed service with quality workmanship; the end result being customer satisfaction. We value the excellent reputation we enjoy as a result of the overwhelming satisfaction, which our customers have expressed to us. Above all, we thank you for the opportunity to bid on your roofing requirements and to fulfilling those requirements.

We are pleased to announce the AMSTILL Corporation has earned the status of Certified Contractor. Only 2% of the roofing contractors in the United States have earned this prestigious distinction. We are now able to offer our customers enhanced extended labor and material warranties.

Your Roof Application

When proposing a re-roofing job, the first step is to decide whether the existing roof should remain in place or be removed. Complete removal may be desirable in some cases and necessary in others. Tile, slate or hand split cedar shake roofs must be removed because of their irregular surface and the difficulty in nailing through them. Wood shingles may also be left in place and the surface modified where necessary to provide a relatively smooth base on which new asphalt shingles may be placed.

The main consideration, however, is the condition of the framing beneath the existing roof because new material installed on top of the old will add weight to the structure. The roof framing must be strong enough to support these additional loads, plus the weight of the roofers and their equipment.

Another important consideration is the fastening anchorage that the existing deck will provide. If the existing roofing has deteriorated to the point where it will not provide adequate anchorage for new roofing fasteners, the existing roofing material should be removed to the existing deck surface.

Another factor is the condition of the surface on which the new roofing will be applied. If the surface of the old asphalt roofing or wood shingles is warped, curled, or badly weathered to the point where providing a level surface for the new material will be difficult, it should be removed. If the surface is defective to the point where it will not provide adequate protection as an underlayment, if there are holes in the existing materials, or if there are depressions or sagging that indicate possible structural problems, the surface should be removed and remedial work performed on the underlying deck and roof structure.

Your Roof Proposal

We appreciate the opportunity to submit a proposal. This proposal outlines the procedure we recommend for your replacement roof. We have outlined each step in the re-roofing procedure so that some of the most frequently asked questions might be answered. Your AMSTILL representative will be happy to answer any other questions you may have regarding your roofing proposal. Obviously, the performance record of any contractor is an integral part of the selection process, and we will provide you with the finest selection in materials, application and service.

Amstill Corporation

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