Kingspan insulated roof, wall and façade systems

Kingspan insulated roof, wall and façade systems

There’s no stopping them. This issue, we bring you a pick of foreign products that are hitting Indian markets soon. Most of these companies are still negotiating their entry, but they’ve begun promoting themselves.

More options for roofing Kingspan insulated roof, wall and façade systems

Kingspan Limited is coming into the Indian market with Kingspan insulated roof, wall and façade systems for building envelope solutions on industrial, commercial and domestic building applications. The company’s product range includes Façade Systems, Wall Systems and Roof Systems.

Interesting in this category are the Façade Support System, Thermatile: Façade Tile Hanging System and the Slate and Tile Support Roof System. These products offer superior structural, weather-tight, thermal/low air leakage for a safer, fast build platform for the installation of facades and roofs in the tile format. They are applicable for projects either new build or renovation.

Kingspan Façade Support System can be used as an airtight, weather proof and weatherproof inner skin, upon which a range of decorative finishes can be applied; for example ceramic or metal tiles, wood etc. The system guarantees a reliable thermal performance and insulation continuity with no cavities, gaps, cold bridges or interstitial condensation.

The Thermatile Façade Tile Hanging System offers designers increased visual options and flexibility with the use of ceramic tiles in a tile hanging type application along with all the benefits of constructing with insulated panels.

The KLS1000 TS Slate & Tile Support System with its rapid installation allows the building to be made weather tight early in the construction. This results in the faster start and completion of internal fit-out trades. Off-site factory pre-engineered, single component and single fix site installation provides immediate safe working platform for the application of roof tiles or slates.

The Architectural Wall and Façade Systems offer designers a comprehensive range of aesthetic wall solutions for horizontal and vertical applications. These are offered as Trapezoidal Wall System and Longspan Wall System. An interesting blend of options in their finishes with simple integration with doors, windows, glazing, louvers and traditional construction materials make up an architecturally enhancing package.

In the Roof Systems the Kingspan catalogue includes Trapezoidal Roof System; Kingzip Standing Seam Roof System for roof slopes over 1.5”; Low Pitch Roof System which is a high specification low pitched roof system; Curved Roof System for curved roofs with a minimum radius of 150 meters; Insulated Roof Tile System with a traditional look in modern material for domestic or commercial building; Longspan X-dek Frame to Frame Deck System with the advantage of substantial weight savings by eliminating secondary steelwork; and the Roof light Roof System in transparent trapezoidal profiled polycarb compatible with the company’s other products.

The Kingspan Group was founded in 1972 as a small family business. It was initially involved in the manufacture of metal cladding and roll formed structural sections. They were in a major way responsible for the development of the market for insulated cladding. They have since continued to grow through expansion and select acquisitions into the access floor market in the UK and USA. Investments in manufacturing plants and research and development have lead to a number of new products being launched. Their USP is the Total Guarantee Assurance covering all of the key performance areas for its insulated roof, wall and façade systems in a single comprehensive package.

A new option for paving and cladding Ad-Tex Concrete Coatings

Tired of seeing the regular, dull concrete pavers all over the place? There’s a competitor coming into the Indian market now in the form of a decorative concrete floor and cladding product brought in by Ad-Tex Concrete Coatings and stencils. Ad-Tex has changed the status of concrete from “that boring grey material” to one that can become a decorative colored finish with vast possibilities.

Ad-Tex Concrete Coatings can give new or existing concrete a colored decorative finish to very closely resemble brick, rock, tile, stone and slate without the expense of the real thing. These coatings produce a surface which is attractive, extremely hard wearing, color fast and durable. The finished surfaces are slip resistant, low maintenance and weed free. The product is formulated for harsh weather conditions and finds applications for driveways, patios, footpaths, masonry walls, interior slabs, entertainment areas, shopping malls and the like.

The product offers 28 colors in both the Standard range with bold shades and the Designer range holding the softer shades. Design add-ons come in the form of stencil designs both pre-cut and hand cut. The stencils are made from premium grade Stencil Board with computer design. Also available are the compatible silicone sealer for protective finishing.

Ad-Tex Bagging Render provides a textured surface for brick and masonry walls. Ideal for brick or brick veneer homes it also has landscaping possibilities for walls and columns.

Ad-Tex Concrete Colouring Systems can be used to restore and refurbish older in-place concrete and masonry areas. There is a convenient spray on paving system for that magical make over.

Ad-Tex is a wholly owned Australian company with an extended international presence in countries like China, Malaysia, Philippines, Middle East and Europe. The manufacturing plant is located in Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

Green, innovative and inspired furniture Street Furniture Australia

SFA brings out a distinct range of urban furniture inspired by the Australian outdoor lifestyle. These products, inspired through their background in urban design, architecture, landscape and industrial design, have played an increasing role in the enhancement of towns and cities throughout Australia and South East Asia. As SFA maintains an active research and development program, innovation and product leadership is ensured.

These products offer good designs, which are made using the highest quality materials and finishes. They are also factory assembled to ensure excellent quality control. SFA employs recycled materials and timber from managed forests, adopts environmentally sustainable processes and produces many products that are themselves recyclable.

SFA’s associated design consultancy is a member of the Green Building Council. Its products are engineered to be long lasting outdoor without the use of cleaning chemicals to maintain the finish. Internal testing of all their products is done to Australian standards where appropriate. Products are designed to allow replacement of damaged parts. Their longevity and low maintenance goals gives due regard earth’s resources.

An environmentally responsible approach to production is a key aspect of their design and they are currently expanding and developing the use of recycled materials. Scrap timber longer than 600mm is re-used for furniture products. Creating outdoor space is easy with their seating, tables, chairs, and ash receptacles. SFA’s bicycle stations ensure bicycle-friendly site planning and hoops provide a suitable means for securing bicycles as recommended by Council Development Control Plans.

Metal products are either polished, powder-coated or painted. Polishing has minimal environmental impact. Powder coating with polyester powder is an environmentally friendly metal finishing process that does not contain heavy metals (lead-free), is free of hazardous air pollutants, does not generate hazardous waste and contains less than 1% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Painting is done with iso-cyanate free two pack coatings that combine high durability with low toxicity and VOCs.

The product range is vast, including seats, benches, table settings, litter bins, wheeled bin enclosures, ash receptacles, bollards, café range, bicycle stands, tree protection, planters and drink fountains.

SFA was formed in 1986. Its services extend to all states of Australia with representation in New Zealand, Japan and the South Pacific. Their products are exported to SE Asia, the South Pacific, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, UAE, NZ and Singapore. The company is now looking at expanding into the Indian market as well.

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