Orgo Esplanade Roof Terrace e-Clubbing Singapore Nightlife

Orgo Esplanade Roof Terrace e-Clubbing Singapore Nightlife

A new bar and restaurant concept has made the Esplanade Roof Terrace its home. Orgo, short for Organic Chemistry. is officially opened on 1 August 2009 and differentiates itself with its revolutionary gastronomic experience.

The Orgo experience brings artistry to cocktails and food, combining innovative approaches and the simplicity of pure ingredients.

Nick Yen, Founder of Orgo, said: “Our philosophy of fresh and quality ingredients has its roots in Japanese culture – the beauty of simplicity and fine quality. We draw on the freshest and purest ingredients to bring out the most basic yet exquisite taste in our cocktails and food.”

The Orgo bar is helmed by celebrity Japanese mixologist Tomoyuki Kitazoe. Where possible, he replaces processed ingredients like liqueurs and syrup with fresh produce.

Trained as an Italian Chef, Tomoyuki brings a unique perspective to mixology to create a series of cocktails based on fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. In his search for complexity and layering of flavors, Tomoyuki replaced traditional cocktail mixers such as grenadine with fresh pomegranate and ginger beer with a combination of fresh ginger and other spices.

Nick added: “You will realize that most of our cocktails are simple and unassuming, consisting of a fruit and herb combination, yet they are complex and refreshing on the palette.”

The food menu at Orgo is primarily modern European with the same intense focus on innovation and the quality of the ingredients. The menu is developed by Executive Chef, Joseph Loh, who seeks to create an added dimension to the contemporary cuisine with innovative use of Asian ingredients.

A new experience at each visit

Orgo features a seasonal cocktail menu that is updated periodically to include select ingredients available during the various time of year.

Nick shared: “Our reliance on quality ingredients means we can only serve items that are in season. Based on the availability of the produce, the menu will generally be updated every two to three months. Whenever select ingredients become available, we will also add them in for limited periods. For example, we do not serve lychee martinis except during the few months in summer, and winter, when lychees are in season in countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

The Orgo standard

Orgo aims to create a new standard-bearer for the bar and restaurant experience in Singapore. The multinational team behind Orgo feels that the mixology landscape in Singapore is still in its nascent stages.

Orgo Esplanade Roof Terrace e-Clubbing Singapore Nightlife

Nick explained: “While mixology bars are at the forefront in London, New York and Tokyo, cocktails are still not accorded the same regard in Singapore. That said, we feel that mixology is gradually securing a foothold and bars here and in Asia are becoming more attuned to the sensibilities of their customers.”

An evolving space

Orgo was conceived as a bar without walls that embraces the surrounding natural environment. Its use of interchangeable and modular glass-metal structures is akin to a glass and metal sculpture. With the glass modules, Orgo does away with pictures and wall decorations, as the surroundings become part of the interior décor.

Nick highlighted: “Art has always been one of our primary drivers and the space was in fact designed to cater to the display of art as well. The intention is to weave art into the very fabric of the space, literally. The glass modules were built as display or exhibition rooms. Even our glass tables were conceived in the same manner. We are currently in discussions with various Singapore based artists and designers to use Orgo as a platform for the display and possibly the performance of art.”

Celebrating the launch

With the launch of Orgo in the same month as Singapore’s National Day, Tomoyuki has specially created three cocktails for the party with fresh rose petals imported from Japan – Watermelon and Rose martini, Rose Cosmopolitan and Rose Sangria. The Watermelon and Rose martini, and Rose Cosmopolitan will be available at Orgo till the end of August 2009, while stocks last.

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