Roll Forming Machine,Arch Sheet Building Machine,China Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Roll Forming Machine,Arch Sheet Building Machine,China Roll Forming Machine Manufacturer

Roll Forming Machine

Forming Speed: 8-15m/min

Forming Rollers: 12

    KR24 Roll Forming Machine Chassis: 250mm U steel welded structure

    Forming type: Chain drive

    Diameter of axle: ¢65mm

    Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine Glazed tiles made by our Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machine are beautiful, noble and elegant in appearance. They not only serve as roof tiles but also as decorations in factories, hotels, exhibition centers, villas, civil constructions, etc.

    Double Layer Roll Forming Machine Bohai is a double layer roll forming machine manufacturer located in Yingkou city. With more than 10 years of experience in this line, Bohai is able to offer 840 corrugated sheet roll forming machine, concealed roof sheet forming machine, double layer roll forming machine, flat sheet bending machine.

    840 Corrugated Sheet Roll Forming Machine As a leading 840 corrugated sheet roll forming machine manufacturer in China, Bohai produces and supplies 840 corrugated sheet roll forming machines that are of high levels of automation and easy operation.

    Corrugated Roof Sheet Forming Machine Bohai has been engaged in the research and manufacture of roll forming machines that include corrugated roof sheet forming machine, 840 corrugated sheet roll forming machine, sandwich panel forming machine. flat sheet bending machine, etc.

    Concealed Roof Sheet Forming Machine Our concealed roof sheet forming machine is an upgraded version of the traditional roll forming machine. Without using screws for joining, the corrugated sheets produced by this roof sheet forming machine are self-locking and super in their waterproof performance.

    Steel Decking Roll Forming Machine 1. Un-coiler: Passive open the coil, manual expansion

    2. Capability of un-coiler: 5T

    3. Frame of machine: Welding flange beam

    C Purlin Forming Machine This equipment is computer controlled on length setting, punching and counting.

    In the front part, the machine adopts many flattening rollers for improving the flatness of the strip steel. After flattening, the purlin is smooth and flat enough to meet the standards.

    Z Purlin Forming Machine Under the control of computer, the machine accomplishes the length setting, punching and counting smoothly.

    The flattening rollers at the front end of the Z purlin forming machine are adopted to make the strip.

    Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine This highway guardrail roll forming machine is made up of a decoiler, a flattening device, punching equipment, roll forming system, cutting equipment, hydraulic system, controlling system and supporter.

    Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine Additionally, the roll forming machine and the laminating system of this sandwich panel forming machine could be separated to work independently. The roll forming machine is made up of a feeding system, a roll forming system, and a cutting system.

    BH1200-830 Roll Forming Machine Diameter of shaft: ¢80mm

    Link chain: 16A single row

    Motor power of forming machine: Hydraulic motor

Roll Forming Machine

We are a professional roll forming machine manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience. Our roll forming machine makes use of a clamping roller to form different tiles, strips, sheets and panels. Products made by our roll forming machine are generally beautiful in appearance and durable in performance. They can be used for different covering or decorating purposes in gardens, hotels, factories, exhibitions, and other buildings.

In order to make a highly precise and durable roll forming machine for our clients, we strictly monitor every production detail from raw material selection, to the precision of the process. Our roll forming machines include roof sheet forming machines, 840 corrugated sheet roll forming machines, Glazed Tile Roll Forming Machines, sandwich panel forming machine s and more. These machines are of easy operation, stable performance and high productivity. Therefore, they are increasingly welcomed by our clients in Mexico, Ukraine, Romania, India, UAE, Afghanistan, Angola, among other countries.

Apart from roll forming machines, we also offer Arch Sheet Roll Forming Machines, BH-span Arch Sheet building projects, SM-40 Spiral Steel Silo Forming Machine s and Colored Steel Coils of different specifications. If you need any of our machines, please feel free to contact us!

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