Roof Painting in Melbourne

Roof Painting in Melbourne

Home owners with cement tiled roofs need to be aware that different levels of maintenance will be required throughout various stages of the roofs life. The better you look after your roof by periodically roof painting, the better it will wear and the less maintenance will be needed. This will in turn lead to fewer costs involved with your roof down the track. Like any material directly exposed to the harsh Australian climate day in and day out, a roof needs routine inspections and occasional maintenance such as roof painting carried out. One of the inspections that is conducted by Guardian Roofing is a roof tile surface check. This inspection will highlight exactly what condition the coating of your roof tile is in. It may be necessary to perform a full re-coating and roof painting on your Melbourne home. Alternatively, you may only need a light pressure clean, or a simple re-application of sealer.

Having roof re-coating carried out as required on your roof tiles is important for a number of reasons.

  1. A roof with a good surface will be very strong and resist breakages and chips caused by expansion and contraction.
  2. A well painted surface will allow less water to penetrate the tiles and keep the area underneath moisture free.
  3. The paint that is used today has mould resistant properties. Once pressure cleaned and roof painting completed, the new roof’s paint will hinder the re-growth of lichen and moss.
  4. Last but not least, roof painting will greatly lift the appearance of your home. Whether you’re selling, renovating or simply updating one cannot underestimate how painting a roof can cosmetically lift the exterior appeal of your home.

Below is a list of areas of concern regarding roof painting and the procedure required to remedy the problem.

Flaky /Peeling Paint.

This can occur after many years of a roof being painted. When roof painting Melbourne roofing products are subjected to the sun and over a long period of time and will break down and require a re-application of roof paint. Also, the paint that is used is important. Good quality paint will wear a lot better, fading slowly without noticeable peeling or flaking. If your roof is peeling or flaking soon after the roof painting, an incorrect cleaning procedure has been followed, roof painting procedure not followed correctly or the roof has been walked on prematurely. Roofs that have just been restored need about three of four days to set and harden. If they are walked on during this time, the sealed surface may be broken.

Roofs usually have a paint life span of about twelve years. After this time the external roof surface will usually start fading and deteriorating. If the dwelling is only ten years old, the tiles will need a re-coating. The quality of the paint provided by the manufacturers initially is often not as good as the paints used for roof painting at a later stage. The roof is repaired as necessary and then pressure cleaned and re sealed using three coats of paint. Where the tiles are extremely old and porous four coats are required. The first coat is a primer followed by ‘maxi build’ (a filler product) and then two top coats are applied. Whenever Maxi Build or a similar product is used the end result is a much better quality, longer lasting and higher gloss finished roof painting job.

Multi coloured tiles/Extensions

Where a roof has been extensively repaired and or extended with different coloured tiles roof painting can be of a great benefit in making your roof one consistent colour. Once again this will further in hence the look of your property and if it is an extension has been added by painting the roof you will make it look consistent with the original house.

Heat reflection/green energy

Guardian Roofing has many solutions when it comes to reflecting the heat otherwise known as saving with green energy strategies. We use the latest products that reflect the suns radiant heat keeping your house an average of 6 degrees cooler in summer and allowing your air-conditioning units to run at a much more efficient level. This product NXT COOL ZONE also comes with an extended manufactures guarantee of 12 years! A great solution involving roof painting when all else fails in reducing the overall temperature of your home or in reducing your electricity bill and cutting down on power usage.

Roof painting, along with roof repairs is a vital procedure needed for keeping a well maintained roof.

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