Universal Master Flash Roof Pipe Flashing -

Universal Master Flash Roof Pipe Flashing -

Now from Aztec Master Flash comes a roof pipe flashing innovation which streamlines the task of sealing roof penetrations and makes it an efficient, cost effective and achievable for both roofing professionals or homeowners who want to do-it-yourself. Roofs are designed to keep weather out of building interiors and would do so with no trouble if it weren’t for the need to permeate the roofing surface at different points, as with vents or pipes, which are needed for venting out or allowing water, gas or electrical in. This is where many times weather is able to violate the barrier provided by the roof surface and damage the building interiors with unwished-for moisture. Therefore to conserve the roof’s function of sealing and protecting the building interior from external weather, these penetration must be sealed in some manner.

Before Aztec Washer’s EPDM or Silicone vent pipe flashing products the only way to seal a leaking or new roof penetration was to have a custom fabricated metal flashing created and installed. Historically, custom fabricated metal flashings were manufactured to address the roof penetration. Someone would have to go up on the roof who was qualified to examine the problem and take accurate measurements to determine proper diminsions and angles.

These dimensions would then be taken back to a metal fabricating shop and the custom fabricated metal pipe boot was made. Then another trip up on the roof was needed to install the metal vent flashing.

Aztec Washer’s advanced roof vent pipe flashing . called the Master Flash Universal Flashing, is the industry standard for traditional roof pipe flashings for those who prefer to install the round style pipe boot. The Universal Master Flash pipe boot flashing has been engineered and designed to maximize the flexibility of the sleave to absorb vibration and pipe movement because the roof and the pipes expands and contracts, while sealing out undesirable elements. The Master Flash Universal Flashing roof pipe flashing design allows for hassle free on-site modification and can suit virtually all installations.


The Master Flash Universal vent pipe flashing has proved to excel in virtually any setting and delivers consistent performance from ease of installation to leak resistance under a variety of natural weather conditions. It can be relied upon to deliver superior results when used with multiple roofing designs and materials.


This pipe flashing is designed for maximum resistance to all weather conditions and are made of EPDM and Silicone for highest enduringness and functionality. These scientifically formulated materials defy heat, moisture and sun damage and provide long lasting improved performance and great leak resistance.


Pipe diameters are clearly marked to insure proper fitting. There is no longer any need for guess work when placing a roof pipe or vent flashing. Accurate measurements are molded into the EPDM or Silicone pipe flashing for ease of trimming for a perfect fit for every installation.


The Master Flash Universal flashing base will effortlessly mold to fit most panel configurations and roof pitches regardless of pipe location. A flexible, malleable metal strip runs around the base of the flashing to enable it to efficiently mold to the irregularities of the roof panels.


This universal flashing has been designed to fit virtually all panel configurations. Sleeve flexibility absorbs vibration and pipe movement caused by expansion and contraction. This pipe boot flashing design easily accommodates all normal installations

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