Best Canadian Roofing Ltd.

Best Canadian Roofing Ltd.

Practically, roofing is something that you do not do every other day. If you prefer going by the majority, the asphalt roofing shingles are the most advisable option for you. Almost 90% of roofs in Canada are covered in asphalt. Besides, the choices too are varied. These shingles are available in numerous colors, shapes, sizes and above all you can choose the material of different thicknesses. The asphalt roofing shingles have the life span of around 25 to 30 years, excitingly this span is covered under manufacturer’s warranty. Moving further, the Canadian climate is just perfect for such roofing materials. The protective properties of asphalt roofing shingles are assisted well with the design elegance. These shingles are, by far, the most popular roofing options, and the popularity can be credited also to its affordability.

Alternatively, the other roofing options include traditional materials like clay tile, sheet metal, slate, wood shake etc. and modern choices like high tech polymer membranes, spray on foam and green/grass roofs, solar energy shingles etc. Now every of these alternatives has its own point of attraction. The individual who prefer a classical design element, opt for traditional materials and the ones who wish to conserve energy and reduce costs, go for modern materials. So whatever your choice may be, you are advised to hire expert roofers in your locality who may carve your dream home in reality.

We are the team of experienced and professional roofers who will not let you compromise on the quality. It’s nothing but the quality of our roofing services which have made us win smiles on the face of our every client. Request an online quote to get in touch with us today.

We install a wide variety of the highest quality roofing products from CertainTeed, MonierLifetile, US Tile and Columbia Roof Tile. Whether you are roofing a single-family home or a large institutional building, we have the right product for you.

Will not rot or curl, cannot burn, 50 year warranty, untouched by pollution, state-of-the-art roof tile equipment, installation design for earthquake prone and alpine conditions, environmentally friendly, available in several colours and shapes, withstands severe freeze/thaw cycles, drape and rigid underlayment systems, manufacturing in the northwest for over 25 years.

Create an authentic Northwest look with the durability of tile. Available in a variety of colours, from the new Cut Taupe to the Seasoned Charcoal, the colour through Columbia Shake tile recreates the rustic warmth of cedar.

Reproduces the natural feel of stone with subtle colour blends adding style and symmetry to country and contemporary designs. The owners’ choice to recreate the permanent heritage look. Available in a variety of different colours.

The latest addition to Columbia Roof Tile collection. A natural blend of colours and unique surface texture serve to strengthen the depth and beauty of any architecture. Available in a variety of different colours.

Emulates the most popular tile in the world faithfully re-creating the beautiful Mediterranean style popular in Italy and Southern France. Unique colours and blends can enhance any architectural theme. Superior strength and durability of concrete tile.

Designed to complement the inherent beauty in French and Tudor architectural styles. Available in a broad range of colours, it faithfully captures the appearance of natural slate.

With the same realistic texture as regular Slate, Split Slate has a score line down the middle to give the appearance of small individual roof tiles.

Unique beveled edges precisely define each roof tile for a staggered appearance, while its distinctive slate texture accurately reproduces the appearance of its natural counterpart.

Modera shakes are designed with realistic weathering to mimic a slightly aged cedar roof, further enhancing the natural appearance of hand-hewn shakes.

Best Canadian Roofing Ltd.

Natural — made of 100% authentic clay; Durable — provides an everlasting shield against the effects of the sun, wind, rain and snow; Distinctive — will not fade, burn, crumble, curl, deteriorate or effloresce; Secure — the best warranty in the industry: a Transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.

ProShake PLUS can ben installed using the staggered installation process to closely resemble real wood shake. Weighing over 40% less than standard weight tiles, US Tile lightweight tiles can be installed on most structures without costly roof reinforements. Grade 1, Class A lightweight real clay roof tile. Will not fade, streak, blotch or effloresce.

Lifetime limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on residential applications, 50-year limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects on group-owned or commercial applications, StreakFighter warranty, SureStart protection, Wind-resistance warranty.

Designer shingles available in over 30 different colours! Value and beauty in a two-piece laminated fiber glass-based construction. Classic shades and dimensional appearance of natural wood or slate.

Triple-layer luxury shingles. The original shingle to replicate real wood shakes. The first of their kind, no other shingle replicates the look of real wood shakes quite so strongly. Three-piece laminated fiber glass construction. Class A fire resistant.

Available with a 50, 40 or 30-year transferable limited warranty. Many colours may be ordered with the Scotchgard Algae Resistant Roofing System, which features a 20-year warranty against unsightly algae growth.

Rugged durability coupled with timeless quality, the trademark of the Scottish Highlands. Malarkey Roofing Products has combined both quality and affordability with lasting beauty in its Highlander-CS premium laminated shingle.

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