Best Clay Roof Tiles

Best Clay Roof Tiles

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What’s better: National or Imported roofing tiles ?

11th October, 2010 — Posted by admin — 9 Comments

Sometimes a customer may feel intimidated to see all the roof tiles options that are in the market. You may find local manufacturers, out of the state manufacturers or out of the county manufacturers. Some question if an international manufacturer can be reliable in the US territory or if local products maybe of lesser quality Read More


15th September, 2010 — Posted by admin — No Comments

Since clay roof tiles life expectancy is very high, it is recommended that a good quality and high performance underlayment is used in this kind of roof system. Clay roof tiles will stand up very good overtime, and their color will not fade. So it is worth to invest in good quality products, so the Read More

Hand-made or Machine-Made Roof Tile

10th August, 2010 — Posted by admin — 1 Comment

historically, clay roof tiles were done with clay, water, the hands of the artisan and then fired until the tile is fully cooked and resistant. This beautiful clay tiles process is still done nowadays, and has certainly a unique old-world look, but also has some disadvantages. Some of them is that tiles that are handmade Read More

Warranty on roofing materials

14th June, 2010 — Posted by admin — No Comments

Homeowners are usually concerned in the quality and looks of the products being installed in their roofs. but, what about their warranty?  Depending on the product you choose, there will be different coverage, time and restrictions. Manufacturers generally use a Limited Warranty for X amount of years. this means, there are some limitations to the Read More

What are Santafe Tile Pre-Blends ?

18th May, 2010 — Posted by admin — 16 Comments

Santafe Tile has developed 5 pre-blended Spanish “S” tile blends that combine several of our most popular colors to reduce the possibility of “hot spots” on the roof. These blends have a high visual impact and are very popular with architects and customers alike. Tayrona Blend consists of equal amounts of Red (25%), Red Fume Read More

Roof Covering: Whats the best option?

Best Clay Roof Tiles

17th May, 2010 — Posted by admin — 2 Comments

When choosing a roof covering for your home, there are many options you can consider, and many advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind for each material. Shingles: This may be the cheaper option for a roof, but when you consider that this material will no last more than 12-15 years, is made out of Read More

Be Good, Be GREEN

17th May, 2010 — Posted by admin — No Comments

When you build a new home or building, the roofing, roofing options, choosing efficient and cost effective products is very important. You are not also helping the environment but also saving money during time in energy costs. Being green does not mean you have to go with that color. A green roof is just a Read More

Clay Roof Tiles: A perfect match for High End Homes

17th May, 2010 — Posted by admin — 2 Comments

When talking about high scale, luxurious home (and not so luxurious, too) clay roof tiles are the best choice. when you choose the appropriate Clay roof tiles, they can last for centuries, enhancing the beauty of the building and enduring this beauty over time. Which one to choose?  There are thousands of options in the Read More

How to select the right roof tile for your roof

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