Maine Roofing Services Roofers In Maine and Maine Roofing Contractors

Maine Roofing Services Roofers In Maine and Maine Roofing Contractors

Need A New Roof Maine Roofers

What is included with that Maine Roofing Services is removal of the existing asphalt shingles, metal roofing material and then re-nailing down the old wooden sheathing if needed. At that point we inspect all of their decking to make sure theres no holes to ensure proper nailing of the new shingles that are going to be applied. We also take a look at all the chimney flashing to make sure that its in good shape because this new roof is, last at least 30 years, and we also look at any wall flashing to make sure that all the stuff flashing is in place to ensure watertight roof for years to come.

Learn About What Shingles Are Best For Your Home In Maine

Having a new roof installed can be scary at first, but once you work with a roofing contractor that has systems in place to make sure that everything is done perfectly. We strive on customer satisfaction and are customers are extremely happy with the quality of the workmanship, and our company personnel. Check Out Our Local Work Areas bu as always we really want to make sure that youre happy with the job, and now was CertainTeed’s surestart protection plus you will have an extended workmanship guarantee, that supersedes anything in the marketplace. With so many roofing contractors out there it really is hard to find out who is best, and thats why we have all of our guys pass the master shingle applicator course before becoming a applicator on our crew. Our guys are the best around and our service speaks for itself you will be very happy with your new roof, and if you not we will fix it to make sure you are happy Working With Maine Roofers Like David Deschaine Is Your Best Choice.

For over the past 25 years homeowners have come to expect the best quality service, but also the superior products that are included in the CertainTeed product line. Luckily homeowners have the option to look online to their color view software program, and that gives you a look at what the home might look like before the lifetime shingles have been applied. With todays technology computers can really add a lot of new advancements in the mixtures of the stone dust, lime dust which is use as fillers in the asphalt. This is a very important part of the shingle creation as the asphalt saturates the fiberglass matting and then the stone granules pressed into the asphalt to block the UV rays.

Maine Roofing Services Roofers In Maine and Maine Roofing Contractors

Understanding the shingle technology is why David Deschaine offers Maine Roofing Services to residential homeowners in the greater Portland area. Once you decide to install a new roof in your home first thing you should do is give us a call, set up a meeting with our office staff who will go over all the times available or you can visit our website in schedule appointment online. We will confirm your appointment and send and experience sales person who has worked in the industry for years. We also use the latest technology with iPhones so we can coordinate with our sales manager, or Dave Deschaine himself to view the roof dimensions any problem areas that might arise in our initial meeting.

Working With Dave Deschaine Is A Great Decision

The best part is you are going to have someone that will take care everything from start to finish, and this is very important when youre doing something this major to your home. Working with professional people roofers you get a professional roof installation, and thats why its so important to work with a contractor who cares about hiring great people, passing the strict credentials at CertainTeed requires, including workers comp liability insurance and also people that are on the job site understanding shingle technology, and how the shingles need to be installed click here to get a free in-home estimate .

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