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Dont replace your roof, REFRESH IT!

People are often surprised to learn that the black staining on their roof is almost always algae and mold.  More often than not, it appears on the North side of the roof where there is less exposure to the sun and moisture hangs around longer allowing it to flourish and grow.

Do not let any company advertising no bleach roof cleaning near your roof.  You can read about eco friendly roof cleaning and the hazard it poses for your roof here

  Why do my shingles have black stains and streaks?

I occasionally hear We never had these stains on our roof when I was growing up from our customers.  The short story In the early part of the 70s OPEC declared an oil embargo and the price of oil quadrupled.  It was the end of the era of cheap energy.   Shingle manufacturers were caught up in the mess like everyone else, and driven to look for cheaper alternatives to manufacture asphalt shingles.

The answer was limestone!  Ground and milled, it made a perfect filler to add weight to the shingles and reduced the amount of asphalt needed to produce them.   An added bonus of using limestone was that it actually helped make the shingles stronger and more weather resistant.

THE PROBLEM?  Algae loves limestone and your roof is an all you can eat buffet!

Algae survives by feeding off these limestone fillers in the shingles. As it feeds, it grows and spreads across the roof.  You will begin to notice the black stains at some point along the way, this is a pigment that the algae cells produce that acts as a sunscreen.  Once the algae is established, it will grow at an exponential rate, covering the shadowed side of a roof with alarming speed.

Over a period of years, these algae will eat enough of the shingles to begin to loosen up the protective surface granules. As the shingles lose these granules, their protective qualities degrade. These granules help protect the shingles and reflect the sun’s rays to keep your home cooler.  A dirty roof will absorb a lot more heat and your A/C will run a lot longer trying to keep up on a hot, sunny day.

 How should a roof be cleaned?

We can help! Roof Refresh uses the latest roof cleaning methods approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) to safely clean your roof and restore the curb appeal of your home.  We use no pressure when cleaning a roof, which means there is zero risk of any damage occurring.  While there really is no such thing as “non pressure” cleaning, the term adequately describes the low psi used by professionals to clean your roof.  The chemicals are gently dispersed onto the roof and do all the work. Do not be fooled by “gimmick” roof cleaning companies, the ARMA method is the only approved non pressure / low pressure method for cleaning a roof.

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about roof cleaning.

We are not a pressure washing company that cleans roofs as an add-on service.   While we do offer pressure washing and gutter cleaning services. we have become the areas premier roof cleaning company because we specialize in the use of safe, non-pressure cleaning methods.

Give us a call and we will arrange a convenient time to come to your home to provide you with a free estimate and answer any additional questions you may have.


The roof cleaning industry is booming. Here in our area, we are seeing new roof cleaning companies come into the market on a monthly basis and existing companies adding roof cleaning to their services as they see an opportunity for additional revenue.

You will see and hear many terms to describe the methods used to clean roof shingles. Here are a few:

Low Pressure ”, “No Pressure ”, “Non Pressure ”, “Soft Washing ” “Zero Pressure”,Gentle Pressure ”, “Certified ”, “Patented Process ”, “Green”,ECO Friendly”, Oxygen-Based and the newest No Bleach Roof Cleaning

I will keep adding to these as I see them pop up around town.

Eco Friendly Roof Cleaning?

There is no such thing!  Do not allow anyone to use a pressure washer on your roof.  They are telling you it is safe and they are using low pressure roof cleaning methods, but I have seen several examples  where layers of granules have been stripped from roofs by these so called safe cleaning methods.

Roof Refresh - Roof Cleaning

These companies and franchises come in and out of our area and usually go out of business within a year or so, but they do a lot of damage to roofs while they are up and running.  The franchises keep advertising for new representatives to replace the ones who go out of business so I guess they will always be around.

Be especially attentive if you hear the terms “Eco Friendly”, Oxygen-Based or “Green ” when roof cleaning or roof stain removal is being discussed.  It means a   pressure washer will be used to clean your roof.    — Click that link to read more. 

Eco Friendly chemicals do not kill roof algae.  If they did, they would not be eco friendly.   Contractors using these chemicals will need to use a pressure washer to remove it.  There is no other way to get it off the roof.

It will be described to you as a low pressure rinse, but it is really a pressure washing  wand or a modified concrete cleaning machine being used on your roof.

It is an unapproved roof cleaning method that is used by these new franchises or companies just coming into the industry, who lack the knowledge of proper roof cleaning methods.  These  are roof cleaners looking to capitalize on the green movement at the expense of your roof.

They may also try to sell you on sealing your roof with a preventative sealant.  This is another unapproved process that is discouraged by shingle manufacturers and may void any roof warranties.  (read here)   to see the shingle manufacturers bulletins.

The bottom line is that almost all professional roof cleaning companies use a light bleach solution to clean your roof.  It is the only approved method to clean a roof and obtaining insurance proves difficult for those who deviate from the recommended method.

Companies are coming up with these creative terms to try to differentiate themselves in an ever expanding market and it is beginning to be a confusing process, so we are here to clarify it!

We want people to know; cleaning a roof properly, involves a low pressure application of the chemicals and at most, garden hose pressure to rinse it. Nothing else! It is that simple. The chemicals do all the cleaning, which eliminates the need for any type of pressure.

Don’t hesitate to call us with any questions!  We are always happy to have the opportunity to answer them.

Roof Refresh provides roof cleaning services for the following areas: Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Clayton, Garner, Fuquay Varina NC

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