Roofing and roof materials

Roofing and roof materials

Roofing and roof materials

Historical Roof Types — A Classification

R A Cordingley. ( Reprint from the AMS). 1961.

Stone Slate Delphs

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A guide to making a mineral planning application for a stone slate quarry or delph.

Stone Slate Roofing: Technical Advice Note

Published by: English Heritage, 2005

This technical advice note gives guidance for architects, surveyors, and building owners, on the repair and reroofing of traditional stone slate roofs in England. It deals specifically with stone slates from sedimentary rocks (mainly limestone and sandstone) rather than with real slates, which are from metamorphic rock.

Horsham Stone Roofing

Published: by: Stone Roofing Association, 2008

This document was developed during a series of meetings and discussions with people experienced in the use of Horsham stoneslates and the problems of conserving historic roofs. It describes the current state of the art in 2007 and offers guidance on some of the issues which have caused problems in the past.

English Heritage Transactions, Volume 9: Stone Roofing — Conserving the materials and practice of traditional stone slate roofing in England

Published by: English Heritage, 2003


This volume of English Heritage Research Transactions is devoted to the traditional stone slates found on some of Englands most attractive and historically important buildings.

Roof repairs in historic buildings

Published by: Surrey County Council

Area covered: South East

Advisory Leaflet 5: An introduction to repairing roofs of historic buildings including information on how to identify roof types.

Roof repairs in historic buildings

Published by: Epsom and Ewell Borough Council

Area covered: South East


A guide to roof repair in historic buildings including how to identify your roof type, when to repair and how.

Roofs — a conservation guide

Published by: North Tyneside Council, 2001

Area covered: North East

Advice on general maintenance and repair of traditional roofs and on the design of extensions or new work in sensitive settings

Roofs on historic buildings

Published by: Portsmouth City Council, September 1998

Published by: New Forest District Council, 1998

Area covered: South East

A provides an information on the history, problems and methods of repair

Historic buildings: Timber frames and roofs

Published by: New Forest District Council, 1998

Area covered: South East

Provides an introduction timber frames and roofsincluding information on various types, the damage that occurs and how to repair it.

The Pattern of Scottish Roofing Historic Scotland

ISBN 1 903570 09 3

Published by: Historic Scotland

A detailed visual overview of the range of roofing materials and techniques that are to be found in Scotland.

Scottish Roofing Slate: characteristics and tests

ISBN 1 903570 60 3

Published by: Historic Scotland

This Research report ties the geological properties of slate to its usability as a roofing material

Roof Slating & Tiling

by Bennett & Pinion

ISBN 978 1 873394 46 5

Publisher: Donhead 2000, Facsimile of 1935 publication.

Facsimile of 1935 publication. Roof covering. Slates and their characteristic. How a simple roof is slated. Groundwork. Slate. Manufacture and characteristics of roofing tiles. Plain tiling. Tile and slate hanging. Single- lap tiling. Special roofing. Stone slating. Roofing with wood shingles. Quantities. Roof repairs. Estimating, measuring and pricing. Slating and tiling in Scotland.

Cotswold stone slate roofing

Published by: Tewkesbury Borough Council, 2004

Publishedby: Derbyshire County Council, 1996

Technical advice and model specification for Derbyshire stone slate roofs


by Steven Parissien

Published by: Georgian Group

The Georgian Group Guide No. 10.

The roof guide has sections on tiles, slates and leadwork as well as advice on maintaining and repairing roofs, tiles, leadwork and guttering, shingle, thatch and chimneys. There is also information on the treatment of dormer windows and mansard roofs.

Published by: Peak District National Park Authority, October 1999

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