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Having Roofing Or Siding Contractors Working On Your Home? Learn About EPA Lead Rules

Making sure any roofing. window replacement or siding contractors know how to follow EPA regulations concerning lead can be an important part of the bidding process. Lead can be a dangerous substance as it’s removed so make sure it’s contained.

If you’re considering having work done on your home, such as window replacement or roofing work, learning about how to safely remove lead paint and other substances according to EPA regulations can be vital. While lead has been banned in house paint since the late 1970s, it’s still possible for the substance to be present if your house is on the older side. If your home needs some work such as window replacement, check to make sure your contractor is well-versed in the EPA rules before hiring them.

Why Following EPA Regulations Is Important

The EPA regulations on lead are important because lead is a dangerous substance. Even after paint has dried, it can flake off and become a powder, which is released into the air. Once the particles are airborne, they can be breathed in, which leads to problems like nervous system damage, kidney damage and developmental delays in children.

Following the safety regulations set by this environmental agency means that your contractor will take measures to contain the dust and particles released by sanding. While you may not think of needing to watch out for lead in a roofing project, your contractor should be able to help you determine if this is a potential issue. Chances are it’s not, but if your home is old and there are any painted surfaces, such as a chimney, your contractor will be able to help.

How Companies Can Ensure They’re Following The Law

Anyone who’s read government regulations knows that these can be full of technical jargon and other language that is difficult for a lay person to understand. Even professionals can have issues with understanding the laws to make sure they’re compliant. Before hiring roofing. window replacement or siding contractors, ask them how they know they’re following the rules.

Some contractors choose to attend special training classes. Qualified trainers who have experience working with contractors conduct these classes. They’ll be able thoroughly explain how to contain the dust and particles using language your contractor will understand.

Finding Window Replacement, Roofing Or Siding Contractors

Many homeowners are tempted to bid out their project to exterior remodelers (such as siding contractors) and go with the company with the lowest bid. If you’re tempted to do this — don’t! While some companies that have the lowest bid are knowledgeable and well-versed in everything that needs to be done, there’s probably a very good reason why they’re priced so low. This could be that their employees aren’t properly trained in the right techniques to complete the project, or that they don’t comply with local or state regulations.

If you have lead paint or other substances in your home, not following the EPA’s guidelines for removal can leave contractors with a $37, 500 fine — per day! This hefty fine should be incentive enough for your roofing, window replacement or siding contractors to follow the law.

An exterior home remodeling project can be stressful. Instead of worrying about whether your contractor knows what they’re doing. make sure to interview them thoroughly before hiring them. Ask specifically about local and national environmental regulations to ensure that they’re fully compliant before work begins.

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