SureCoat Manufactured Home Repair Solutions

SureCoat Manufactured Home Repair Solutions

SureCoat Roof Repair Solutions

SureCoat Systems has a single component, epoxy hybrid, cool roof and a cool wall system for use on manufactured homes (including mobile homes). These environmentally friendly systems are made to last as long as you are in your home. Often manufactured homes are hot due to lack of insulation. Insulation is associated with an R value. This means the rate at which it resists heat. Typically something has to absorb heat to resist it. SureCoat works a different way; it eliminates 93% of heat by emitting it (the opposite of absorbing the heat). The SureCoat Roof and Wall coating release almost all of the heat that hits it back into the atmosphere; leaving only 7% available for transfer into the walls, roof, or living space.

The manufactured home roofs are typically not well insulated. Some have metal roofs with very little between them and the interior living space of the home. Radiant heat through the roof will heat up the furnishings, carpet and walls. The interior space can escalate to dangerous levels. SureCoats thermal values eliminate the majority of this heat source, so the interior stays cooler; taking less energy to cool off the entire home. This leads to lower cooling costs and helps to reduce the demand and extend the life of HVAC equipment.

Most of the manufactured homes come in two or three sections and have a seam in the roof line where the sections join each other. Additional seams in the roof line can be found at pop outs or carports. Like all homes, they are subject to movement from thermal cycles and settling. Since they are separate units, the seams where they join often become slightly misaligned. A roof leak is the first indication of misalignment. Mastics are too often used for this repair. They are black, absorb heat and dry out, crack and leave another opportunity for water intrusion. The SureCoat Roof System can be used to permanently repair such seams.

The SureCoat Roof System never gets brittle and can be used to repair, maintain or recondition an existing roof to better than new conditions without removing or replacing the roof materials. By using SureCoat products, money spent on repairs is not wasted. Any repairs done with The SureCoat Roof System materials can be later integrated into a fully-warranted System with a renewable warranty.

Not all roof coatings are equal just because they are white. Many lose cool roof value in just 3 years. The SureCoat Roof System coating was tested and rated at new condition and after 3 years in use by the Cool Roof Rating Council. SureCoat Systems’ coating has one of the highest reflective and highest thermal emitting values on the cool roof coating market. With thermal emittance at 93%, Solar Reflective Index of 102% and sunlight reflectance of 81%, The SureCoat Roof System proves to be an excellent cool roof system choice.

SureCoat Wall Repair Solutions

SureCoat Manufactured Home Repair Solutions

The SureCoat Wall System, StrucSureCoat, works the same way as the roof system. Walls can contribute significantly to heat transfer, especially wood and metal walls with little or no insulation. StrucSureCoat also emits 93% of the heat that hits the wall. This leaves very little heat to transfer through the walls. This is perfect for the typical manufactured home that is not well insulated. It is impossible to install insulation in walls without invasive or destructive methods.

Wood and metal radiates heat like an oven holding heat inside. Every solid dense item inside a manufactured home will absorb this heat, allowing the radiant heat from the furniture alone to keep the air temperature inside hot for longer. In many cases, the air inside is hotter than the outside temperature at the end of a day. Traditional exterior materials hold heat and it takes some time for the heat in walls to release into the atmosphere. With StrucSureCoat, almost all of the heat is released before the wall materials can absorb any of it. This lowers the cooling costs and provides a more comfortable living environment.

In addition to keeping a home cooler, StrucSureCoat eliminates most exterior wall maintenance. An elastomeric material must be able to move between 350-400% to retain the ability to expand and contract without getting brittle or sagging. StrucSureCoat was designed at 398% elongation for this reason. Even at freezing temperatures, it has 118% elongation. Without these properties it would become brittle, crack and peel like other paint and coating products do. It is crucial that exterior coatings not crack. If they do, moisture will get under their surface and damage the wall materials. It is written right into StrucSureCoats written manufacturer’s warranty that cracks up to 1/16 are covered. This coating is made to expand and contract without chipping, flaking, or peeling. StrucSureCoat will remain a monolithic membrane as it heats up and cools off. There is not another wall coating like it on the market.

StrucSureCoat comes in 27 standard colors that all release 93% of heat; the reflectivity will depend on the color, lighter colors have the highest reflective values. The properties that give StrucSureCoat its characteristics cannot be baked out by the sun. StrucSureCoat will beautify homes while protecting the building materials from water and UV radiation that cause deterioration, and other damaging elements.

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