Cost of New Roof Roof Truss Prices

Cost of New Roof Roof Truss Prices

Many times just replacing the roof of your home itself can give it a new look along with increasing the value of your home. At times there may be leakage or any other damage caused in your roof and might require a new roof. However, regardless of the need of the new roof, you might want to know about the cost of a new roof before you decide to change the roof of your existing house. There are many factors that influence your new roof cost. Let us take a look at them in detail.

Factors that Influence the Cost of New Roof

Stability of Your Current Roof

The factor that prominently influences the cost of new roof is the condition of your present roofing. In traditional homes, roofs include several layers of shingles. If the roof has been leaking for a prolonged period, the structure under the shingles may also have to be replaced. This adds to the new roof cost along with installing new shingles. This requires tearing off the layers of shingles.

Constraints that Influence the Cost of New Roof

Certain States have specific rules about the number of layers of the shingles. Adding one more layer of shingles to the existing layer would reduce the new roof cost to a large extent provided your State permits it. However, this has to be done only after the building expert inspects and approves it. This is because; it is unsafe to increase the weight of the roof over a certain limit.

Extra Shingles

Normally the cost of new roof is determined after measuring the roof area and dividing it by 100 to determine the number of square feet. And accordingly the shingles are bought. However, extra shingles have to be bought to cover unexpected little damages that happen during overlapping or trimming the shingles at the edges.

Material Cost

Obviously the new roof cost is greatly influenced by the type of material with which it is made. For instance, the wooden roof cost could be slightly different from a metal roof. A jazzier roof would be more costly, as it is an exclusive material.

Additional Supplies or Labor Cost

If you decide to replace the roof by yourself, in addition to the cost of shingles, you will also have to provide for the costs of roofing nails, hammer, roofing stapler rent, etc.

If you decide to hire a professional for this work, then your cost of new roof would include the labor charge.

New Roof Cost Varies According to Type of Roof Material

Let us now take a look at the various materials used in the roof and cost of new roof in the respective materials:

Wood Shingles: These are normally made of redwood, pine, cedar, and other wood materials and cedar are the costliest of all. There are wooden shingles that are handmade, which appear rough and there are wooden shingles that are cut using machines. It is very essential to check on to your building codes to decide on the type of wood, as some of them have Class C fire ratings and some have no ratings.

Wood shingles are normally used in cottages, ranches, bungalows, contemporary homes, and historic homes. They have a durability that ranges between 30 and 50 years. Though these are natural products, they require high maintenance and have a low fire rating and tend to split, rot, or mold due to weather.

The new roof cost is: Between $100 and $165 per square feet

Asphalt Shingles: More than 75% of the American buildings use asphalt shingles. The reason is, the cost of new roof of asphalt is very low and it is flexible and easy to install. However, since these are made of petroleum products, they have low insulation property and have a lesser life span. Though the asphalt shingles are offered in various colors, these are not recyclable due to the addition of fiberglass.

The asphalt shingles are used for all types of architecture and have a life span that ranges between 15 and 30 years and are least eco-friendly.

The cost of new roof made of asphalt is: $50 to $150 per square ft.

Cost of New Roof Roof Truss Prices

Concrete and Clay Tiles: The cost of new roof using clay tiles involves additional framing costs, as the clay tiles are very heavy and require additional roof framing. Nevertheless, the clay tiles are extremely durable and combustible. These are offered in lighter colors and hence adhere to the standards of cool roof. These can also reflect solar energy up to 50%.

Concrete tiles on the roof provide very elegant aesthetics and additional value to your home. They are so versatile and offer extra protection to your home. These are offered in different shapes, styles, and structures and almost blend with any structure. Though these are expensive, this new roof cost is worth every penny you pay.

Both clay and concrete roof tiles are normally found in ranch-style houses, European, Mediterranean, and in contemporary homes. They can last up to 50 years or more.

Cost of a new roof varies between $300 and $600 per square ft.

Fiber Cement Composite Tiles: These tiles are made of a combination of clay, concrete, and wood fiber. The mixed properties offer fireproof quality and durability. These most often appear like shakes and are very light weighted. These are also offered in various colors and textures to match the décor of your building. However these tiles can crack when the climate is too cold or when you step on them.

These tiles can be used on any style of architecture and can last between 20 and 30 years. These can be a good base for water and do not leach and can also be recycled.

The new roof cost would be around $500 per square ft.

Metal Roof: The metal roofs can be of aluminum, copper, or steel and provide the most cool effect as well as the most cool look in style. These are more preferred for new homes. They have a higher percentage of recycled materials in them and provide solar reflectance, higher insulation, and are also durable.

The metal roofs are used in contemporary buildings, cottages, ranches, and bungalows and last at least for 50 years or more.

The cost of new roof made of metal would range from $100 to $600 per square, based on the metal used.

Now that you have all the knowledge needed for the cost of new roof. you can now prepare yourself to get the best roof replacement within your budget.

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