DIY Roof Tiling Tips eHow

DIY Roof Tiling Tips eHow


Measure the area of your roof for roof tiles in the same way as for any other roof material. However, roof tile does not cover a predetermined space the way "squares" of materials such as shingles do. A square equals approximately 10 foot by 10 foot of area space. Roof tiles do not have a single predetermined setting and overlap. How many tiles you need to cover the same area depends on how much overlap you (or your contractor) wants, what direction you lay the tile, or patterns you pick for the tile.


Realize that tile is uniform to a point. However, there are variations in color and pattern as well as thickness. Buy all of your materials at one time to ensure a good match for color and thickness. Even when you purchase the entire amount of tile you need at once, there will likely be variances in thickness throughout the order. Prior to installing them on the roof, sort the tiles according to thickness and color variances. Before you buy tile, make sure the brand you choose offers a guarantee. Fifty years is a fair lifetime guarantee for roof tiles. During that time, the company should replace tiles that discolor.

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