EPDM accessories — Roofing solution for life!

EPDM accessories - Roofing solution for life!

Firestone has developed a complete range of accessories for its RubberGard EPDM membranes to meet the requirements of various roofing applications and installation details. All components necessary for total Roofing Systems are available from one single source: Firestone Building Products.

Adhesives, Sealants, Cleaning Agents and Coatings

Firestone Bonding Adhesive is a neoprene-based contact adhesive for bonding EPDM to wood, metal, masonry and other (non EPDM) acceptable substrates.

Firestone Water Based Bonding Adhesive is a latex-based adhesive designed for bonding EPDM onto wood but can also be used onto metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.

Firestone Splice Adhesive is a water repellent butyl-based adhesive for bonding EPDM to metal substrates (e.g. gutters) and other acceptable substrates.

Firestone Lap Sealant HS is an EPDM sealant used for protecting exposed cut edges of QuickSeam products and as a general purpose sealant.

Firestone WaterBlock Sealant is a butyl-based sealant used for watertight seals when applied under compression e.g. under roof drains or behind termination profiles.

Firestone Pourable Sealer is a two-part polyurethane sealer used to fill and seal penetration pockets.

Firestone Splice Wash is a highly volatile solvent used for pre-cleaning contaminated EPDM membranes prior to the application of QuickPrime Plus.

Firestone AcryliTop Coating is an aesthetic acrylic coating that can be applied over the EPDM membranes.

Firestone Coiled Metal Batten Strip is a 25 mm wide prepunched (76 mm centers) galvanized steel strip for anchoring EPDM membrane sheets. The strip also exists in bars with lengths of 3.05 m.

Firestone Termination Ba r is an extruded aluminum profile to attach and seal flashing terminations e.g. parapets and upstands.

Firestone Fasteners (various) are used to mechanically secure batten bars, seam plates, termination bars and/or insulation boards to the substrate.

Firestone V-Plates are 57 mm wide galvanized steel plates used for anchoring Firestone Reinforced Perimeter Fastening Strips.

Firestone Insulation Plates are designed for attaching insulation boards to the structure.

QuickSeam Products

Firestone 3 (76 mm) QuickSeam Splice Tape is an EPDM/Butyl based, self-adhesive tape designed for field splicing of Firestone EPDM membrane panels. It is fully cured and provides consistent adhesive thickness within the seam. A 6 (152 mm) wide tape is also available for BIS applications.

Firestone QuickPrime Plus is a high solids primer designed to clean and prepare the EPDM membrane in seaming areas to receive QuickSeam products. It is applied with the specially designed QuickScrubber or QuickScrubber Plus tool.

EPDM accessories - Roofing solution for life!

Firestone QuickSeam RMA Strip is a strip of reinforced EPDM incorporating two strips of QuickSeam Splice Tape, used for EPDM membrane attachment in Firestone RMA Systems.

Firestone QuickSeam Batten Cover Strip is used to cover, protect and seal batten bars in Firestone MAS systems.

Firestone QuickSeam Reinforced Perimeter Fastening Strip is used to execute base tie-in details.

Firestone 9 (229 mm) and 12 (305 mm) QuickSeam FormFlash are designed to flash inside and outside corners, penetration pockets and other roof penetrations.

Firestone QuickSeam SA Flashing is a 450 mm wide strip of fully cured EPDM membrane laminated over its entire width to a QuickSeam Splice Tape, used to wrap curbs, flash parapets, line gutters, carry out general roof repairs where cured EPDM is required and flash in drain insert pieces.

Firestone 5 (127 mm) QuickSeam Flashing is used to flash edge profiles and other details.

Firestone QuickSeam Pipe Flashing is a one size fits all preformed EPDM pipe boot used for flashing of round, accessible penetrations.

Firestone QuickSeam Walkway Pads are used for protection of EPDM membranes in areas of regular traffic.

High strength seam tape technology

The large RubberGard EPDM panels are assembled on site using the highly effective Firestone QuickSeam Tape System. This technology of EPDM field seaming offers a significant reduction in the number of seaming procedures, is easy to install and shows superior long-term performance. Since its first roofing application in 1987, millions of linear meters of Firestone QuickSeam Tape have been successfully installed on rooftops worldwide.

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