Designer Metal Shingles and Standing Seam Recommendations

Metal roofing has many advantages. Metal roofing is: Environmentally friendly. R ecyclable. D urable and L ight weight. Minimal maintenance. I ncrease value of your home, farm, or business. N on combustible. Metal roofs carry a 40 — 50 year warranty.

Below yo u will find a listing of premium designer architectural metal roofing materials the Certified Red Seal Roofers at General Roofing Systems Canada (GRS) recommend.

You will also find below seasonal price promotional links for metal shingles and specialty metal roofing materials.

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The photo to the left is a standing seam roof with hidden fasteners — mechanically (or hand) crimped seams with a snow guard to prevent ice and snow from falling (Calgary Roofing Photo).

Recommended Designer Shingle and Seamed Panel Metal Roofing Materials

Standing seam panels (fast lock, hidden fastener) and Metal Shingles (tin, steel, and aluminum materials, interlock style and stone coated coverings, shingle, tile, and slate profiles, Metro, Decra, Westform, and other metal roof products)

Architectural Standing Seam Systems

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are available in many architectural seamed styles.

We can special order panels from the fabrication shop or we can custom form and fabricate standing seam right at your site with a mobile machine.

Standing seam comes in many colors and profiles. The warranty period is standard to forty to fifty years depending on the style and manufacturer.

The picture to the upper right is a photo of a house on the West Coast of Vancouver,BC that has a hidden fastener seamed roof by Westform metals. Many of our resort projects in Whistler, Kelowna, Fernie / Cranbrook, and Canmore areas are installed with this method of metal roofing.

Standing seam roofing is available in various panel widths, for commercial,residential, andindustrial, hidden or exposed fasteners, straight seam, flat lock, ribbed, and corrugated profiles, fast locked or machine crimped, and with various detail bend specifics at the ridge and eave.

The photo to the right shows our crews performing maintenance on standing seam roof systems with exposed fasteners at a multi-family residential complex in Canmore, Alberta.

Our recommendation for designer seamed roofs is standing seam, with mechanically formed seams, hidden fastener, with the ends folded over the ridge and eave (as shown in photo to left of residential metal roof in Calgary, AB).

Read more below for our metal shingle recommendations.

Westform Shingle (inter-lock style metal shingle — slate and tile profiles)

Our recommendation for a standard metal shingle is the Westform product. This premium product available from Westform is an interlocking style that is available in a slate and a roof tile profile (Dekktile) and a variety of colors.

Read more below for our recommendations for steel granule coated and other designer metal roofing materials.

Decra Coated Steel Shingle (stone coated steel — shingle, shake, tile profiles)

Granule or asphalt coated steel roofs are similar to standard metal shingle as above with the exception that they have a stone coated surface to the shingle.

Steel coated shingles are installed similar to traditional asphalt and inter locking style roofing and are available in a number of profile styles and colors.

Metro Coated Steel Shingle (stone coated steel — shingle, shake, roman tile profiles)

Metro Steel Shingles are also a granule coated steel shingle manufacturer that our roofers recommend.

For the homeowner that wants the concrete roof tile look using a metal product instead of concrete or clay will be well served with the roman tile by Metro Roofing.

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