Roof Tiles—Concrete MonierLifetile Introduces New Energy Efficient Roof System Going Green Never

Roof Tiles--Concrete MonierLifetile Introduces New Energy Efficient Roof System Going Green Never

IRVINE, Calif. (November 2007) - Demonstrating its commitment to increasing sustainability and concrete tile roofing options. the company has introduced the MonierLifetile® Energy Efficient Roof (EER). This development from the leading concrete roof tile manufacturer and environmental innovator, the MonierLifetile® EER System is one of a complete line of tile and component products designed to simultaneously advance a roof’s performance, reliability and functionality.

"Consumers are increasingly conscious about the products that make up their homes. Our goal is to arm consumers with information on the significance of energy efficient roofing while providing the highest quality solutions for their roofing needs," comments Chris Doelle, vice president of marketing and strategy for MonierLifetile, the largest roof tile manufacturer in the U.S. "Our EER system saves homeowners energy expenses for the life of the home, while increasing curb appeal and property values."

Energy Efficient Roof System

The MonierLifetile® EER System consists of a combination of several patented products that increase cross-ventilation, as well as the overall performance and integrity of the roof. These products include MonierLifetile’s Vented Eave Riser, allowing air flow to enter through the eave of the roof, the Elevated Battens, which raise the batten off the roof deck to permit air-flow up the slope of the roof, and MonierLifetile’s hip and ridge products: Ridge Trees, Figaroll and Zephyr Roll, that allow air to flow out of the ridge of the roof while providing weather blocking protection.

A recent study on "cool roofs," administered by The Oak Ridge National Laboratory and DOE scientists and funded by the California Energy Commission (CEC), reports that the intrinsic insulating properties of MonierLifetile’s concrete roof tiles and EER System’s ventilated assembly drastically reduce annual homeowner energy costs. This new enhanced roofing system results in a 50 percent reduction in heat penetration into the conditioned space of a home, thereby decreasing heat and energy costs by up to 22 percent as compared to an asphalt shingle roof.

"The air space between the tile and the roof deck has a considerable effect on heat transfer into a building," says Jerry Vandewater, technical services manager for MonierLifetile. "Our research with Oak Ridge Labs proves that regardless of color, the air space is an effective barrier against heat gain."

Roof Tiles--Concrete MonierLifetile Introduces New Energy Efficient Roof System Going Green Never

An October 2007 survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirmed that consumers rank energy efficiency as the number one factor when considering the purchase of a green-built home. Moreover, earlier this year, a survey of 250 builders indicated consumers are willing to pay between 11-25 percent more for a green-built home, where as a McGraw-Hill and NAHB Study found that 63 percent of consumers are motivated by lower operating and maintenance costs for green homes.

For more information about MonierLifetile and its products visit or call 1-800-571-TILE (8453).

About MonierLifetile:

Based in Irvine, Calif. MonierLifetile is a leading manufacturer of premium, high quality concrete tile roof systems. MonierLifetile has 14 manufacturing plants and service offices throughout the U.S. and a plant in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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