Roofing Expo

Roofing Expo

When ? June 15th and June 16th 2012

Once every year or two Special Event.

Combined this year with the 2012 Outdoor Living Fair

Visit, Learn, & Explore:

See The Largest Roofing Showrooms in BC and Western Canada and North America. Our newly renovated showroom is second to none, and is getting wows and cheers from everyone who has seen it. Come on down and view our fabulous roofing and skylight showroom.

12510 — 82nd Ave, Surrey, BC or call 604-572-8088 for hours

2717 Lake City Way, Surrey, BC or call 604-420-9000 for hours

opening soon. new branch in Kelowna.

Our roofing displays will amaze you. They are second to none, and will make your selection process in styles, colours, and textures easier than ever !

New materials are being unveiled at this show. See our showrooms to see these new, innovative, and remarkably inexpensive roofing solutions !

Velux Skylights— meet the manufacturer, and learn how to install. Learn about new home cooling and ventilation ideas created with Velux skylights. See the amazing new skylight that converts into a balcony for those steep roof situations (view our display in the Surrey showroom). The Balcony Roof Window is significantly less expensive than building a dormer, and it lets in a huge amount of view, light, fresh air, and of course it opens into a small balcony with railings as well.

Discover new materials, learn about new and improved methods to make our BC Homes better at withstanding the severe weather of our region, plus make them look better too !Meet and talk to the manufacturers. Make connections, or learn about their unique advantages !

Keep up the value of your home, or improve the value of your home. Find out how at the BC Roofing Expo annual event.

Our showroom is open for viewing year round if you miss the special event. Although all the vendors will not be at our showroom, we still have knowledgeable roofing consultants ready to show you the roofing options and choices available for your home.

Visit BC’s largest roofing showrooms. You will find them the best places in the region to learn about roofing choices, and make your style and colour selections.

Come See what’s NEW !

See Western Canada’s largest roofing showroom

. Experience. the ULTIMATE Roofing Showroom !

Discover the latest in roofing materials for sloped roof applications, for re-roofing or for new construction, available in this region !

See what the trends are. See how the market is shifting !

Learn why the texture of the roofing you select can make your home look either cheap or luxurious, and how it could seriously affect the value of your home!

Meet the manufacturers. Ask your technical questions or make your suggestions.

Make a deal !

Fi nd about our good guy roofer referrals.

Roofing professionals may be eligible for special deals or product giveaways for those that show up Friday on the Pro-day exposition, Jun 15th 2012.

Learn about new ways to roof and complete your projects.

Meet professionals and knowledgeable staff with free advice and tips !

Discover new products you may not even know existed !

New Products unveiled at this show. Be the first to see these new products for the West-Coast !

See the newest textures, styles, and shapes now available to crown your project with all the glory and architectural splendor it deserves !

Three major shingle manufacturers will be present to show off their latest designs and their newest concepts. These include Malarkey Roofing Company, Certainteed, and BPCO.

See the thickest shingle of any type in the roofing industry today !

See the thickest shake-look shingle in the industry today !

Discover TRIPLE LAYER Shingles called TRI-Laminates and SUPER-SHAKES. Find out why so many consumers are selecting these super-thick materials as there preferred choice for re-roofing their wood shakes on their homes.

See the Number 1, 2 and 3 rated shingles in North America.

See the newest innovations in shingle design and noticeably more LEAK RESISTANT technologies !

See our shingles that are Algae and Fungus resistant that use copper granules to fight unsightly black staining caused by air-borne algae!

See the latest in Concrete Roof Tiles. new styles and shapes !

See the new mid-weight Monterrey Clay Shake tiles. looks just like real hand-split wood shakes, and they cost less than hand-split shakes too and are significantly lighter than normal concrete roof tiles !

See the newest synthetic Shake and Slate Look materials for re-roofing applications !

See new Polymer Shakes. See new polymer Slates !

See new Plastic and Synthetic Slates and Shakes !

See Recycled Plastic. Slates and Roof Tiles !

See new metal roofing profiles !

New Metal Shingles with a Slate Look, a Shake Look, or a Heavy Shake Look !

See Standing Seam Snap-Lock Metal Roofing being made. right here !

Our newer State of the Art Sheet Metal Shop produces some of the best roofing panels and metal flashings in the business !

Roofing Expo

Come and see our newest Snap-Lock panels that now include pre-notched bottoms and tops. This new innovation makes installing metal roofing easier than ever! Our panels are now ready to fold over drip edges and allow for super-fast z-bar closure installation without any on-site notching by the applicator. There are also ready for folding up below ridges ands walls for those that like to box up their panel ends.

See alternatives to Torch-On roofing membranes now that 80% of the roofers no longer have valid torch-on liability insurance. Or see new ways to install Torch-on with less fire hazard.

Is your home INSURED ! for the potential FIRE HAZARD once a roofer brings out his large Roofing Torch to begin Torch-Welding all the layers of roof membrane together. Is the roofer’s insurance valid. Do you want to take the RISK with your home. If not, we’ve got NEW roofing membranes for Low Slope and Flatter Roofs that DO NOT NEED A TORCH to put them together.

See our Self-Adhered Peel and Stick Roofing Membranes from high quality SBS Modified Membrane manufacturers. Simply nail on a heavy base sheet, and install two layers of Self-Adhering Membrane to create a great low slope roof system !

See new roof ventilation products and new types of ridge vents which are the most leak resistant in the industry !

Manufacturer’s representatives and the staff of All Weather Products will be on hand to overview your building plans or re-roofing ideas. We can make an appointment to discuss in detail after the expo.

Learn how to earn more money as a roofer in our changing roofing market !

If you have an old cedar roof requiring replacement, DON’T MISS THIS EVENT !

Meet the experts !

Get quality Roofer Referrals !

Roofers: learn about NEW roofer certification and credentials for shingle roofers !

Learn how to become a certified MASTER SHINGLE APPLICATOR to show your professionalism !

Learn how you can buy or sell extended warranties on Certainteed brand shingles that may include up to 50 years warranty on the workmanship backed by Certainteed for qualified installer companies.

Learn how to become an accredited GAF-ELK installer, also capable of selling extended warranties to the homeowner.

We’re here to show professionals HOW TO MAKE MORE MONEY. using new and innovative roofing materials, and installing them correctly the first time. Your projects will look better, your customers will be happier, and the homes these roofing materials adorn will be worth more !

We’re here to show professionals how to save money !

Tips on avoiding leaky roofs and the high costs of fixing problems caused by deficiencies in materials and workmanship that can cost both professionals and homeowners time and money.

The Greater Vancouver area is one of the rainiest spots in North America and on the planet. Which roofing materials work best in our climate. and how should they be assembled ? We want to help you answer this question while you visit THE ROOFING STORE !

We welcome builders, contractors, townhouse roofing committees, and strata councils, architects, and designers, and of course the homeowners to discover new ideas, better ideas, and new styles !

You’ll see the latest textures, the latest raw materials, the latest designs !

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity !

and explore the most current and diverse range

of roofing materials available in our West-Coast region !

Edit Date: 22 May 2012

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