Roofing Roofing Problems — Non-Licensed Roofer, roofing problem, roofing problems

Roofing Roofing Problems - Non-Licensed Roofer, roofing problem, roofing problems


Expert: Stan Skarbek — 9/24/2007


Stan, I am looking for some advise to my roofing problem. My wife and I bought a home 5 years ago this month. Our first home purchase and we used the sellers realtor to represent both us and the seller.

The seller stated that it required a new roof so we listed it in our offer letter through our realtor. The realtor listed "a new roof with 20year shingles". We didn’t know any better so it sounded good to us.

Since the realtor was also representing the seller he recommended a friend of his to install the new roof. The roof was installed and not knowing anything about roofing it looked good.

After a few years we noticed a stain in our living room ceiling from water. Soon it spread and eventually we had a 2′ x 2′ hole in our ceiling. On numerous occassions I had contacted the roofer and requested that the roof be fixed. He came over one day when no one was home and poured tar on the roof and over some of my vinyl siding. Soon we found out that he was not licesend nor did he pull a permit.

We had a local roofer (licensed) repair the leak and spent close nearly $500.00 on the repair. Wasn’t worth the insurance deductable.

We had (3) licensed roofing companies provide estimates on repairing the roof and all have stated that a new roof should be installed due to the labor it would require to install the missing items: flashing, ice guard, re-install drip edge properly and repair both valleys, install vents properly and re-install required number of vents that were covered up. No one wants to just repair and have their company name on the roof.

The original roofer stated that he would repair the roof himself, however if he did not do the job right the first time I don’t want him trying to do it again.

The lowest estimate for a new roof was $3,500.00.

Now we have found a leak in our closet in the back of the house below the other roof valley?

Any suggestions will help.


Hi Todd,

You definitely shouldn’t let the original roofer back on the roof. He’s only going to make it worse with his unprofessional work.

The reason a new roof is being recommended is because it’s a significant amount of labor to pull the nails and carefully pull apart the shingles and then put it back together the right way. You have a significant amount of roofing that needs to be re-done. Then, when you’ve spent all that money, you still have the potential for roofing problems, because if the roofer did that bad of a job on the things that you can see, there is likely to be just as much bad workmanship on the areas you can’t see. A quote that I like is "everything I see, tells me about everything I can’t see" It applies to roofing.

If you decide to roof the house later, the good news is that you won’t have too much damage to the house. If a roofing leak goes unfixed, it will damage the ceiling eventually and if the ceiling ends up needing more than just a fresh coat of paint, the worst case scenario is that you would need to replace some of the sheetrock in the ceiling. That wouldn’t be good, but it’s not like the end of the world. But as soon as you can afford it, I agree with the roofers that visited the house. You need to get a new roof and not spend more money trying to repair it.

Your roofer with a keyboard,

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