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Looking for a fun and functional solution for your homes exterior walkways, steps and stairs? Concrete makes an excellent option. At Sela Roofing Company. we proudly offer a team of licensed, qualified, and insured concrete experts who are capable of transforming any home exterior with a wide range of concrete solutions.

Benefits Of Using Concrete For Your Exterior Walkways And Stairs

Not sure if a Sela Roofing Company concrete solution makes sense for your exterior walkways and stairs? Knowing some of the many benefits that concrete offers can help make the decision making process a simple one. Whats one major advantage of using concrete on exterior structures throughout the property? Its malleable and able to conform to any desired shape. When working with Sela Roofing Company, our team can help you create a customized final look and design that is both stylish and visually appealing.

Additionally, concrete is a completely weatherproof material, making it an ideal solution for outdoor use. While wood and other materials may deteriorate over time, concrete can stand up to even the toughest outdoor conditions. Youll enjoy long product life on stairs, steps and walkways made from this material.

Also,at Sela Roofing Company, our team of experts has the talent needed to create virtually any color of concrete. We can also create an endless range of patterns in the material as well. The result? Youll enjoy a final look that stuns and marks your home exterior as truly being one of a kind.

Best of all, concrete proves a very affordable option for homeowners with any type of budget. Youll enjoy maximum visual effect with minimal impact on your wallet. Want to hear more about how our masonry experts can help you create a unique outdoor look using concrete? Contact our Sela Roofing contractors today and set up a risk-free project evaluation to evaluate your needs!

At Sela Roofing Company, we often consult with clients who have been noticing moisture building up on the windowpanes throughout their homes. This moisture, or condensation, can prove more prominent during the colder months and seasons in the year. While many homeowners simply chalk this up to a normal occurrence, at Sela Roofing Company, we know that this type of condensation can be an indication of built up moisture on walls. Over time, this moisture can often lead to rot, mold, and window problems throughout the home.

Sela Roofing Company Offers Simple Ways to Minimize Condensation On Your Windows

If youve been noticing condensation on your windows, there are some simple ways to help manage the situation before it becomes unwieldy. At Sela Roofing Company, we suggest the following tips:

Use a dehumidifier: Everyone knows that a dehumidifier is a great tool to use during the hot and sticky summer months to minimize moisture in the home; however, using one during the colder months can help get rid of window condensation when the temperature begins to drop.

Turn on your ceiling fans: Once again, a great summertime tool can be of use throughout the winter months. Turning on your ceiling fans can help distribute the air and make the condensation dissipate.

Distribute your plants: Yes, really. Large congregations of potted plants can release a surprising amount of moisture inside your home. Spreading them out throughout your interior can make a big difference in the condensation concentration in one particular area.

Remember your kitchen exhaust fan: Steam coming off your meal, when left to its own devices, can eventually wind up on your window and walls. Whenever youre cooking, be sure to turn on your kitchen exhaust fan. Your exhaust fan will take the hot air out of your home.

Dont forget the bathroom exhausts: Of course, kitchens arent the only rooms equipped with exhaust fans; always remember to put on your bathroom exhausts to remove moisture filled air. Dont have a bathroom exhaust? Try to keep long, hot and steamy showers and baths to a minimum.

Sela Roofing Company specializes in new and replacement window installations. If you have questions about your window condensation, Sela Roofing can help. Contact Sela Roofing today for more information!

Think that you cant benefit from installing a residential skylight in your home? Guess again. At Sela Roofing Company, as a leading provider of residential skylights throughout the Minnesota region, we know firsthand the many advantages a skylight install can offer homeowners.

Key Benefits Skylight Installation Offers Sela Roofing Customers

When working with Sela Roofing Company for an installation on a name brand, innovative skylight solution, youll enjoy a wide range of benefits including:

Instant increase in natural light: A properly installed skylight can deliver up to 30% more natural light than windows alone. Adding one in virtually any living space is a fast and easy way to improve the influx of natural light within your home. The flow of natural lighting in your space can have added benefits as well; you and your family may experience a increase in your energy levels due to the increase in lighting. The added natural lighting can also reduce unnecessary eyestrain often felt in less efficiently lit spaces.

Ideal option when windows cant be used: Are you tired of living with a dark, windowless space in your home? Sela Roofing skylights can instantly eliminate the problem. Our state-of-the-art skylights offer optimal product flexibility to ensure that they can be used in spaces where windows simply arent an option.

Energy efficient solution: Working with Sela Roofing Company for a skylight installation can also help you save money throughout its lifetime. Not only will you have to use less electricity to light the space, but our energy efficient models help trap warmth inside during the winter as well as cooler air in the summer. Most clients will also see a reduction in their heating and air conditioning bills.

Makes smaller spaces seem larger: Have a cramped, small space that isnt being used simply because it feels too small? Installing a skylight from Sela Roofing can help. Flooding the space with natural light can actually make the area seem bigger and more spacious.

Dont miss out on the many benefits offered by a skylight install from Sela Roofing contractors. Call us today and set up a risk-free project evaluation to evaluate which model makes sense in your living space.


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As hard as it may be to believe, fall is just around the corner. Soon the kids will be back in school and well find ourselves inundated with harvest festivities. While many of us believe that fall is the perfect time to lament the passing of summer, here at Sela Roofing Company, we firmly believe that autumn presents another important opportunity for homeowners: a chance for Sela Roofing Company to conduct a few fall roofing tests to ensure the health of our clients roofs.

Sela Roofing Company: Experts In Roof Maintenance For Long Term Results

Of course, as a leading provider of roof services and care, the team at Sela Roofing strongly suggests allowing our team of experts to conduct seasonal roof checkups to evaluate the integrity of your residential roof. Our team of skilled and qualified contractors has received the very latest training so our clients never have to worry about unexamined compromises in their roof structure. However, there are a few tips that you can perform to check the status of your roof as well. Each fall, Sela Roofing suggests:

Looking for visible deterioration (while standing safely on the ground): Have you noticed that your roof is touting some missing/broken shingles or visible signs for wear and tear? Noticeable damage to the structure is a key indicator that youre in need of repair or replacement.

Discoloration around building parameter: Since youre on the ground anyway, take a walk around the perimeter of your property. Is the brickwork or siding of your home showing signs of paint peeling? This can be a sure sign of your roofs flashing not working the way that it should.

Interior water damage: Another key indicator of a compromised roof? The evidence of water damage found throughout your homes interior. Checking the interior of your attic for rot and water damage can help you determine if youre in need of further steps.

Ceiling stains: Does the top floor of your home show water stains on the ceiling? This can also mean that youre roof isnt performing as it should.

Have more questions about your fall roofing checkup? Sela Roofing can help. Contact Sela Roofing today for more information!


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Here at Sela Roofing Company, we partner with homeowners all the time on various projects that truly yield an impressive range of benefits. While most of our customers recognize the many advantages a new window, roofing and siding installation can deliver, many are still surprised to learn about the extensive benefits that one additional resource can offer: a new gutter installation from Sela Roofing Company.

What You May Not Know About A Sela Roofing Company Gutter Installation

When teaming with Sela Roofing Company for a new gutter installation, you will enjoy a litany of benefits and perks such as:

Rot prevention: Houses with failing gutters, or no gutters at all, are more likely to encounter rotting wood throughout the fascia and soffit sections of their home. A new installation from Sela Roofing can help prevent exiting water from coming in contact with these wooden structures.

Minimized yard erosion: By strategically channeling your gutters outflow away from your home, Sela Roofing can help minimize pooling water throughout the yard that, when left unattended, can create never-ending mud and even damaged grass.

Drier home entrances: Homes without a properly functioning gutter can often have telltale sheets of water running from the roof over doorways and entrance ways. Sela Roofing can install gutters to ensure that everyone coming into and leaving your home stays dry.

Drier basements and foundations: Of course, people arent the only ones to benefit from a new gutter installation from Sela Roofing. Homes without a proper gutter system can find that water pours into the basement and/or around the foundation. The result? Damage to the foundation itself as well as potential flooding in the basement. A new, properly functioning system from Sela roofing can divert water away from the home and help maintain the structural integrity of basements and foundations.

Ready for a new gutter install from Sela Roofing. Call us today and set up a risk-free project evaluation!


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Are you ready to give your homes exterior a makeover, but just arent sure where to begin? Do you want to go big and bold with the outside of your home, but are concerned that you wont love the final look? Sela Roofing Company understands completely; thats why we offer our Internet visitors an online exterior design tool.

What You Can Expect When Using Sela Roofings Exterior Design Tool

What can you expect when checking out our exterior design tool? Youll instantly have access to an extensive range of virtual features, styles and looks. Our website offers users three exterior designs so every user can pick the style that best matches their homes (or the home style they are hoping to achieve). Once youve selected the home design, our virtual tool allows visitors to further customize the look by choosing various finishes on:

  • Brick/stone
  • Door
  • Fascia and soffit
  • Garage
  • Pillars

  Being able to customize the look on these various home features offers a virtually endless way to create and visualize the types of services that you will most enjoy on your residences exterior. Best of all, once youve gone through and selected the looks that you love, Sela Roofings online tool also offers options for saving, printing and viewing. You can get as cutting-edge and bold as youd like…without any of the commitment!

Working With Sela Roofing On Your Final Exterior Design

Once youve decided on which services, styles and finishes make sense for your home, Sela Roofing can help you turn your online vision into a reality. Our team of professional, licensed, insured and bonded contracting experts has the skills and experience needed to manage a comprehensive range of exterior services that can truly update and customize the look and feel of your home. When youre ready for the best, youre ready for the services offered by Sela Roofing Company.

Ready to update your home and enhance overall curb appeal? Sela Roofing can help. Contact Sela Roofing today!


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